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Jill Biden talks about Tory Burch’s challenges for women-owned companies – WWD

If there is one thing everyone agrees with, it’s hard to be a women-owned business for now.

Jill Biden will be off the campaign trail on Friday to see what Tory Burch Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer Tory Burch Foundation founder Tory Burch and women-owned companies need, especially during a pandemic, and what. I talked about whether Biden is needed. -The Harris administration was able to help them regain their foothold.

Glamor’s live-streamed conversation was moderated by Melissa Butler, CEO and founder of Detroit-based vegan, non-abuse beauty brand The Lip Bar.

Biden opened her conversation and urged listeners to imagine her husband being elected president.

“Small business owners are an important part of this campaign,” Biden said. “Joe [Biden] We know that small businesses are the backbone of our community. They create jobs. They enrich the individuality and culture of our towns and cities. They give back. I think that’s especially true for millions of women-owned SMEs across the country. While everyone feels the turmoil of this era, women feel it more. Women-owned SMEs, especially those run by colored women, have been hit hard. “

Biden added that women often lose their jobs, take care of their sick families, do two jobs, and often give up at home to supervise distance learning. “We are here today because women are of better value, and my husband Joe delivers it,” she said.

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During the campaign, Biden talked to many small business owners, from those who run restaurants to those who own oyster farms.

“Their story shares a consistent thread — they are struggling because of a pandemic. They are worried if SMEs can survive this economic and public health crisis. … They are worried about how our country will recover, ”Biden said. She said Joe Biden’s plan is to have half of the future paycheck protection program funding for small businesses for less than 50 employees. He wants flexible grants for small businesses that have lost significant income.

After they undertook it, the Biden administration expanded access to capital, removed barriers to government contracts, and made these opportunities available to those companies, especially those owned by women and people of color. She said she would provide technical assistance.

Butler then asked Birch that one of the key elements that these women-owned companies needed was what she was listening to.

“I wish it was one important factor,” Birch said. “There are so many hurdles women face. Dr. Biden is absolutely right. It’s hard to be a woman in business right now.” She said she was after the COVID-19 crisis. The Foundation said it focused on providing online webinars to help women overcome the most difficult situations.

“There are three major challenges: access to capital, when women own 40% of their business in the United States, 16% of PPP loans are directed to women. That alone, statistics that need to be changed. The second challenge is to know that colored people were disproportionately affected by COVID-19. One thing I didn’t know was 50 from February to April. Nearly 10,000 black-owned companies have been closed. Third, women are burdened with childcare. 14% of men do it, and 40% of women do it. And they spend more than 15 hours a week on education and housework than men. The good thing is that women are resilient and pivot their business in different ways, but the bottom line is small businesses. Is in need of help. “

Butler then asked Birch what to do now to encourage people to vote.

As an American business leader, Birch said it was important to have a strong democracy. She said Tory Burch would close stores and businesses early on November 3rd, allowing people to take vacations to vote and still be paid. They also allow their employees to become pollsters, and Birch will pay them for the day. “The last thing I say is a dialogue that needs to change more. For some reason, voting is perceived as democratic. I want everyone to understand the issue that voting is American. And that’s what we should do as patriotic Americans. “

Biden concludes that there are many problems with this election. “And we just can’t sit down and see what happens.

“We have to decide what will happen. We have 18 days left to make sure we can hear our voice,” Biden said.

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