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LThis week, writer Joseph Epstein is embarrassed to publish a column in The Wall Street Journal condemning the upcoming First Lady Jill Biden for using his PhD title. Did. He writes: “Madame First Lady-Mrs. Biden-Jill-Kid. You may drop” Dr. “. Before your name? ‘Dr. Jill Biden has a fraudulent sound and feel, not to mention touch comics. “

The repulsion was quick. President-elect Communication Director Kate Bedingfield, Tweet: “What do you patronize, sexist, elitist idiots”. Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter tweeted in favor of Jill Biden, reminding people that her father used the title of Doctor, even though she wasn’t a doctor. “And his work has brought great benefits to humanity, and so has your work.” And the woman who first replied in a tweet on Sunday said, “Together, my daughters’ performance will decline. We will build a world that is celebrated, not. “

Epstein’s article exposed a cultural barrel. Dr. Biden was always destined to catch fire. While serving as the Second Lady, she will continue her professional career teaching community colleges and continue to work as the First Lady. Some of us are excited about it, but others like Epstein are threatened.

First ladies have often been expected to sacrifice their careers to do ritual work. Michelle Obama, a spouse-like attorney trained at Harvard University, was expected to oversee the White House gardens and Christmas decorations while her husband was running in a free world. I can’t imagine.

Of course, Michelle Obama was far less flexible in defining the First Lady role than her predecessor. Due to the unfair stereotypes that caricature an African-American woman, the criteria for her success have been set incredibly high. Unfortunately, that meant imitating the least threatening First Lady that preceded her. At that time, many Americans would rarely explain that a brown-skinned black woman educated in the Ivy League, nearly six feet tall, was not a threat. Instead, Michelle transformed into a pearl and sweater set Haggar Chief. No one is threatened by the Chief Hugger.

For Melania, the change was less noticeable. Her model day was behind her, and before her husband’s election, she comfortably settled in the role of a trophy wife. In essence her full-time job was the fascinating spouse of her strong husband, which was ultimately the role of the First Lady. The audio tape recorded by her former friend and aide Stephanie Winston Walkov shows the dark and unattractive side of Trump, but she basically did what most First Lady did. .. She hosted a state supper, volunteered, and remodeled various parts of the White House grounds. Again, she has a fairly threat-free legacy, like the First Lady, who recently preceded her.

However, Dr. Biden has announced that he will continue his career as a professor at a community college, regardless of whether his husband was elected president. She was already unconventional by maintaining her career while he was Vice President. This is not unusual in some Allies (for example, Cherie Blair maintained her academic career when her husband Tony was British Prime Minister), but very rare in the United States. That is.

Dr. Biden will soon become the most traditional first lady in recent history. It didn’t work very well when the American First Lady finally drew a non-traditional path. Remember that Hillary Clinton led the responsibility for reforming the healthcare system in 1993? She probably wants you not. A few years later, Clinton looks back as a pioneer, but the blowback she received at the time was cruel. Some of it was driven by legitimate complaints that when you elect the president, you do not elect his spouse to carry out policy. fair enough.But some of the opposition and Vitriol were clearly driven by something more uneasy and lasting: the idea that many Americans want a traditional, threat-free first lady-First Wife, First Mother, First Hostess, First Cookie Baker, First Hugger, but Absent A woman in her first career, certainly not an ambitious woman.

The fact that Dr. Jill Biden is married to the country’s most powerful man, yet professional ambitions are important enough for her, really plagues Epstein. He clarifies it in the conclusions of his column. He writes: “Forget the little thrill of being Dr. Jill and settle for the big thrill of living in the world’s best public housing as First Lady Jill Biden for the next four years.” He says marrying a strong man , Not aware of the fact that Dr. Biden and modern women may not be what she considers to be her greatest thrill today.

Perhaps sooner, more men will be comfortable seeking the thrill of marrying a strong woman, thanks to the example set by Vice Presidential election Kamala Harris and her husband Doug.

Jill Biden will not be the “traditional” American first lady.Some men are threatened by it | Kelly Goff | Opinion

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