Jill Dagger advocates breastfeeding dogs: “chill”

There is no shame in her game! Jill Dagger After breastfeeding my dog ​​on Saturday, June 5th, I was ahead of the people I hate.

“She’s okay before she jumps at me to feed her dog.” 19 Kids and Count 30-year-old Alum captioned a photo of Fena licking from a green bowl on Instagram: “She’s fine. If I thought she would get sick, I wouldn’t give it to her. I’m sure. Look, look, look. “

Jill Dagger’s dog, Sam. Courtesy of Jill Dagger / Instagram

A former TLC personality explained that she pulled out the “last little bottle.” Breast milk A few years later, her youngest son, Samuel, three years old, asked to give it a try. “Was found was found” Count on Written by Alum. “It’s probably a non-nutritive substance burned in the freezer …. When I thawed it, it didn’t look or smell bad, so I gave it a try. As expected, he didn’t like it after a sip. . “

Now that the Dagger dog has tried breastfeeding, Arkansas natives joked that “all three” of her children had breastfed. (She was with her son Israel (6 years old)’s husband. Also a mother Derrick Dillard.. )

A former reality star, she concludes her Instagram caption. “The person who coined the phrase’don’t cry with spilled milk’never milked!”

While raising Israel and Samuel, Dagger said “willingly” and exclusively to grow her and Dillard’s family. Weekly In February, they said they were “not against” the adoption of the third baby, but “satisfied for now.”

We are definitely open Where God guides us, “she said. We At the time. “And in the future we also talked about adoption …. Derrick’s uncle was adopted.”

Jill Dagger defends breastfeeding dogs

Jill Dagger Courtesy of Jill Dagger / Instagram

A 32-year-old accountant said, “We are still young. Let’s take a look.” Dillard added that he and Dagger “may grow into two biological or adoptions.” [kids] Or at the same time. “

In April 2020, the couple Was not “clear” about having more children“We just enjoy life,” Dillard explained in an episode of the podcast “First Class Fatherhood” at the time.

He and the dagger Engaged in March 2014 And Tie a knot Three months later in Arkansas. Israel and Samuel arrived in 2015 and 2017, respectively.The little one appeared in a family TLC show before his parents Withdrawal from the network in 2017..

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Jill Dagger advocates breastfeeding dogs: “chill”

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