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“They tried to embarrass us. They embarrassed us.”

Celtics-Jimmy Butler talking to reporters after Heat Game 2. AP Photo / Lynne Sladky

The Celtics defeated the heat in a 1-1 final at the Eastern Conference on Thursday. 127-102 In Game 2, Marcus Smart returned to the Boston lineup with 24 points, 12 assists and 9 rebounds.

Game 3 will take place on Saturday at 8:30 pm in Boston.

The Red Sox also won Thursday and defeated the Mariners 12-6-6.. Trevor Story played a great game in Boston, scoring 3 home runs and a total of 7 RBIs. The two teams will play again tonight at 7:10 pm

Jimmy Butler’s Thoughts on Game 2: Jimmy Butler couldn’t prevent Boston’s resurrection in Game 2 after throwing 41 points to the Celtics in the Heat’s Game 1 victory in the Eastern Conference finals.

Even the Celtics one-on-one series won 127-102 with pinpoint shots (Boston hit 20 out of 40 3-point attempts) and defense. In the end, it was a compelling victory and brought to life Ime Udoka’s team back in Boston for Game 3, which holds the advantage of the home court.

From a Miami perspective, the game was clearly a disaster. Butler then provided a frank overview.

“I don’t like going any further because I have to hurt.” Butler told reporters of Game 2’s blunder.. “They tried to embarrass us. They embarrassed us. I think we have to be aware that whatever we want to say is to use it as fuel, but we can get the ball and stop. Be aware that playing a really good team like this can make the game out of control. “

“Overall, we have to be better,” Butler added. “It’s a tough job to go over there and win, but if they did it, we can do it too.”

Butler has scored 29 points in a solid commitment to Game 2, but knows he needs to help his teammates do well.

“If I’m cruelly honest, I think I have to do a better job to involve everyone else.” Butler explained.. “I have to find that fine medium, that fine line, between when it’s aggressive and when it allows people to be open.”

Still, as Smart pointed out in the aftermath of Boston’s Game 2 victory, heat, especially Butler, shouldn’t be underestimated.

“Jimmy is a warrior, a man,” Smart said. “Jimmy has been doing this for a long time. He understands the game. He understands his strengths. He understands the strengths of his team. So like Jimmy. It will always be a tough match if anyone has a good IQ. It’s a good thing. I love to play Jimmy whenever possible. “

trivia: Jimmy Butler was the last pick in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft. He is one of the six players selected to create at least one NBA All-Star team in the first round of the year. Can you give it a name to someone else?

(Answer at the bottom).

Hint: Selected on the 1st, 9th, 11th, 15th, 16th and 30th (Butler).

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Jimmy Butler’s blunt assessment of the Heat’s Game 2 loss to the Celtics Source link Jimmy Butler’s blunt assessment of the Heat’s Game 2 loss to the Celtics

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