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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-05-04 08:28:14 –

Plains, Georgia (AP) — President Joe Biden During his first term as a Delaware Senator in 1976, he supported the emerging former Southern Governor to oversee the founding players in the northern part of the party.

Biden went around on Thursday and visited Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalin, A 96-year-old former president and a 93-year-old former first lady have spent most of their lives on a small plain in Georgia.

The Carter Center shared a photo of the visit on Facebook on Monday.

“He showed us the meaning of being a civil servant throughout his life,” Biden, 78, told Carter of his new documentary, CARTERLAND, which will debut this weekend as part of the Atlanta Film Festival.

At a private meeting on Thursday, the oldest incumbent president in history and the former president of longevity met together. It was my first direct encounter since Biden took office. The two presidents did not appear together outside Carters’ house. Biden was seen in front of the door when Rosalynn Carter departed. The former first lady stood beside him, supported by Walker.

Many of the 650 residents of Planes were found to have seen Biden’s convoy.

“I’m glad I met President Carter,” Biden said Thursday night before leaving Georgia. “We sat down and talked about the old days,” Biden also said Carter’s health had improved.

Carters have been unable to attend the first missed inauguration on January 20, since Jimmy Carter took office as the 39th president in 1977. Carters withdrew from public life due to most of the coronavirus outbreaks, but are now vaccinated. And recently, the former president has begun attending church services again at the Marana Sabaptist Church, which has been teaching Sunday School for decades.

Biden’s visit will take place after Carter’s Vice President Walter Mondale died on April 19 at the age of 93. Both Carter and Biden spoke to Mondale on the phone the day before his death.

In his “Carterland” statement, recorded last week and published on the Associated Press by producers Will and Jim Patis, Biden recognizes Mondale and Carter as formative figures in his political career.

Biden said Mondale had transformed the Vice President into an active role that Biden would continue to play during the two post terms. “When President Obama asked me to consider becoming his Vice President, I said I had to go home and talk about it,” Biden said. “Fritz was the first phone call outside my family.”

Recalling the seeds of friendship with Carter, Biden named the date March 25, 1976. He visited Wisconsin and claimed that the party’s moderately devout Baptists at the time were good candidates to defeat President Gerald Ford.

“Some of my colleagues in the Senate thought it was youthful and lively,” Biden said with a laugh. “I was fine, but as I said then,’Jimmy is not just a bright smile. He can win and appeal to more segments of the population than anyone else. …. Governor Carter proved that I was right. “

Carter did not support anyone in the 2020 primary, including Biden. However, the former president warned Democrats not to leave the left too far and risk alienating the moderate voters needed to defeat President Donald Trump.

There is a lot of irony in the political calculations of both men.

Carter robbed him of his nomination from the establishment of the liberal northeast in 1976 and then clashed with Democrats in Congress who did not like his technocratic, penny-pinch approach. In 1980, he endured a fierce primary election from liberal icon Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy and embarked on a general election campaign that ended in a rout by Republican Ronald Reagan.

By 2016, the old former president would vote for Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, rather than the more modest Hillary Clinton. Carter didn’t reveal his choice until Clinton lost the Trump general election.

Biden, meanwhile, appeared to be overshadowed by Sanders and other ascendant progressives early in the 2020 campaign. Biden defined his campaign primarily as a moral case against Trump. He described him as a threat to the “national soul.” This approach helped reverse some states in the general elections, including Georgia, by combining the surge in free turnout with the support of moderate Republicans, which Carter correctly claimed.

But now Biden represents the largest expansion of the federal government since the adoption of Medicare, Medicaid, Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act in the mid-1960s, before either Carter or Biden sought the entire state. Promoting the legislative agenda. office.

Carter withdrew from partisan politics for years after leaving the White House in 1981.

He and Rosalynn Carter focused on building the Carter Center into an organization that operates on a global scale in public health, humanitarianism, and diplomacy. The center has monitored more than 110 elections in 39 countries since 1989 and is trying to eradicate the Guinea worm, a parasitic infection caused by water scarcity in developing countries.

In recent decades, Carter has stepped into politics more directly. He criticized several US administrations for not having a relationship with North Korea, arguing that hard lines would not lead a dictatorial and isolated country to world order. It made Carter somewhat in line with Trump, even though the 39th president accused the 45th president of continuous liars and threats to democracy.

Carter has criticized U.S. military spending for years, arguing that it could cause global turmoil while quickly changing the types of domestic investment that competitors, especially China, are making. I’ve been doing it. He used his 2004 speech at the Democratic National Convention to offend President George W. Bush at the time of his invasion of Iraq in 2003. This is a move that Biden made possible by voting for a War Powers Resolution in the Senate.

Carter also invested a lot of money in politics and called the United States an “oligarchy” rather than a fully functional “democracy.”

That candid approach meant a roller coaster relationship with his successor. But Carter assembled his trillions with infrastructure, education, healthcare, and other spending proposed as needed to keep pace with Beijing in his first speech to Congress recently Wednesday night. I have a lot to talk to Biden.

“We are competing with China to win the 21st century,” Biden said.

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