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Washington (AP) —Friday US Health Adviser Worked on Who Should Get Johnson & Johnson’s One-shot Booster COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Vaccines and timing — and whether better protection can be obtained by using competing brands for the second dose.

Booster promotion last month Food and Drug Administration Approved a third dose of Pfizer vaccine for older and younger adults with high-risk coronavirus health problems, work, or living conditions. On Thursday, the FDA Advisory Board unanimously recommended a similar Moderna vaccine half-dose booster for the same group.

On Friday, the same panel discussed J & J’s vaccine booster, but the decision is more complicated. Moderna and Pfizer asked the FDA to accept the booster at least 6 months after immunization, but J & J suggested a sliding schedule with additional doses as early as 2 months later.

With a further twist, experts will also discuss preliminary data from the government’s “mix and match” study. This suggests that J & J recipients may exhibit a much stronger immune response if they obtain either Moderna or Pfizer booster rather than a second J & J dose.

The FDA will use the advisor’s recommendations to decide whether to approve both J & J and Moderna boosters. Perhaps next week, then another government agency will decide who will roll up the sleeves.

All three US vaccines provide strong protection against serious illness and death from COVID-19. In addition, the continued circulation of highly contagious delta mutants will continue to initially administer US priorities to the 66 million eligible and unvaccinated Americans at the highest risk. ..

However, experts continue to argue whether it is worthwhile to use boosters to prevent mild infections in most vaccinated adults, an approach proposed by the Biden administration.

FDA scientists recently pointed out the shortcomings of the data J & J submitted when applying for booster immunity. It contains little data on the strength of protection for people who have been boosted for 6 months. A two-month boost study “may be profitable,” according to a review published earlier this week.

J & J’s single-shot vaccine has consistently shown lower efficacy than the two-shot mRNA vaccine developed by Pfizer and Moderna. This is what FDA reviewers pointed out in the review. That gap in protection can play an important role when panelists consider the need and scope of boosters.

The J & J vaccine is highly anticipated for its one-time formulation and is made with a technology that is different from Pfizer and Moderna’s competitors. However, its development was hampered by a series of problems, including rare but serious side effects, such as manufacturing problems and a neurological reaction called thrombosis and Guillain-Barré syndrome. In both cases, regulators have determined that the benefits of shots outweigh these risks.

The majority of the 188 million Americans who have been fully vaccinated with COVID-19 receive the Pfizer or Moderna option, but only about 15 million J & J recipients.

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