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Honolulu (KHON2) — For most of the year, when tourism was suspended, we noticed that thousands of people were absent from work. Now these jobs are starting to recover, but not fast enough for some.

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Seasonal jobs can be optional and some employers are looking for employment.

The United States Postal Service prepares for one of the busiest holiday seasons.

Kevin Nakaoka, Human Resources Manager for the USPS Honolulu District, said he was seeking more temporary help than ever before.

“This year is the most and most of the holiday employees we’re looking for. That is, many years ago we probably saw 100 or 150 people.”

This year, USPS is recruiting 350 temporary clerk assistants in the state-wide post office and the Honolulu region, which covers the US Pacific region. 215 clerk assistant positions will open on Oahu.

As more people use the Internet to shop during a pandemic, USPS workers will be busy non-stop and are not expected to slow down in the coming months.

“Our normal days are different than before. 20% to 30% of them can really turn into 50% bumps on Christmas,” says Nakaoka. “So we’re looking at a significant portion of the package we’re trying to handle.”

Nakaoka said he expects 5 million packages to be delivered throughout the district during this holiday season.

The number of staff in physical stores is increasing ahead of holidays. Macy’s recently announced that it will hire another 250 seasonal workers in Hawaii.

Medical and safety needs related to pandemics are also in high demand this year.

Hawaii and Kafmalama nurse staffing solutions have filled the healthcare profession throughout the pandemic. Marketing manager Veronica Reines said she is also hiring a peripheral services position.

“There is no doubt that the demand for these safety type positions is still increasing in order to implement the safety protocol in retail stores,” Lines said. “For non-profit organizations to support COVID-19, and for our government industry, we support the state with COVID-19 tracers, general election support by seasonal election clerk, and data entry roles.”

The shopping center also said it has finalized plans for this year’s Black Friday with retailers.

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