Joe Biden can save a global transition from deep freeze

Donald Trump attacked them with words and actions. Britain sought to reduce their numbers by leaving the EU. Still, immigrants may come to see the pre-pandemic era of the coronavirus as well-meaning Eden.Border tightening is barbaric in some countries Constriction Almost everything..Economic stigma (as an immigrant) Work thief) Has settled on something stranger (immigrants as vectors of illness).

If it lasts longer than a pandemic, the world of ultra-low migration is not humane and less efficient.Remittance, much more important than External assistance, Dry.The World Bank already have them 2 years in a row.. Countries that export low-wage workers will have to face those who know how to hire them at home or what the consequences are for their internal stability. People’s movements often hinder it elsewhere, as seen in the rich world as a source of civil war. The world will lose pressure valves and material forces forever.

Few can avoid the long-lasting cold during the transition. One of them is the opposite reform by the most powerful countries in the world.Ann Immigration bill Welcomed as the most radical change of its kind advocated by US President Joe Biden Since 1986.. This criminally underestimates it. Whatever their content, the previous reforms were in the interests of the country or perhaps the region. This can bring the world closer to openness at the moment of the hinge of history, due to different timings.

Not only naturalizing undocumented immigrants Arrived as a childThe bill will relax the rules regarding the relatives of skilled workers, students and legal permanent residents. The legislation is straightforward, even in its tonal changes. Its adorable word “alien” is to become “non-citizen” in official discourse.

The ultimate proof of the bill’s ambition is that it cannot survive Congress in its current form. You shouldn’t necessarily do that. Republicans raise the moral hazard of naturalizing what is undocumented but unblamed. Concerns are not inherently mean, even with its allowed growth, as the foreign-born share of the US population is approaching record highs.

Therefore, half the bread is the most common that emerges from legislative slices. But even this would constitute a radical open act by the anchoring nations of the international system.and it is Worst moment For the movement of humans once in a lifetime. As a moral example of another country, it is impressive enough. It is potentially decisive as a direct boost to the global transition.

Calmly and numerically, an open United States is equal to an open and prosperous world. In 2015/16, 39% of all OECD countries’ immigrants Lived There. Germany was second with only 10%.A new stream of skilled workers to the United States will force others Globalized economy — UK, eg Singapore — Determine if one country can afford to catch them indefinitely. If the global labor market exists again, there will be a need for a cycle of competition for finite talent. It also demands a disproportionately large economy to initiate the process.

In trouble Globalization There are more obituaries than the problem.Quietly, commodity trade has already returned to pre-pandemic levels. November last year.. Most of humanity is still in India, many of them to join the modern economy.Under Biden, even the US-China feud could stop soon Conscious decoupling..

The biggest threat to the idea of ​​one cohesive world is the elimination of migration. What started as a temporary measure can be a resolved will.

If so, prudence will fail.In terms of health, countries lose less from immigrants than they lose from immigrants tourist, Business travelers and even foreign visitors. No one alive intends to balk in a week or two of quarantine. Once settled, they have the same public health interests as citizens by birth.Working-age people can also improve the taxpayer-retirement ratio, just as the country has to submit great bills. Pandemic mitigation..

Just naming these types of cross-border traffic is to see which ones are the most difficult to politically resurrect. Nativists are not willing to allow a significant increase, as they have achieved the level of immigrants who once tried legislation through external shock.But without it, the world would Lose economic growth Because it leaves a pandemic behind. It’s worth it if all that Biden’s bill achieves is to exempt the United States from this stupidity. If it makes other nations obey, he may never do anything grand.

Joe Biden can save a global transition from deep freeze

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