Joe Biden cannot rule from the center – Suppressing trumpism requires radical action | Robert Reich | Opinion

I hear that Joe Biden governs from the “center.” They say he has no choice because he has a very thin majority in Congress and the Republicans have moved to the right.

Garbage. I have served several Democratic presidents who need a Republican vote. But the Republicans currently in Congress are quite different from what I’ve dealt with. Most Republicans today live in a parallel universe. There is no “center” between the reality-based world and their world.

Last Wednesday, 93% of Republican Congressmen voted against impeaching Trump for inciting a rebellion, even after a coup attempt threatened their lives.

In the week immediately following the attack on the Capitol, two-thirds of the Republicans in the House of Representatives and eight Republicans refused to prove the election results based on Trump’s lies about widespread fraud. The lie is 60 federal judges and Trump’s own justice and homeland security.

Prior to the raid, several Republicans in Congress repeated those lies on television, Twitter, and at the “Stop Stealing” event, “fighting for America” ​​and “kicking the ass” to Trump’s followers. Encouraged that.

This is the culmination of the rise of Republican madness over the last four years. Trump has transformed the Republican Party into a white supremacist cult that lives in a counterfactual wonderland of lies and plots.

More than half of Republican voters (about 40 million) believe Trump won the 2020 race. 45% support the parliamentary raid. 57% He says he should be a Republican candidate in 2024.

In this enclosed universe, most Republicans believe that Black Lives Matter protesters are violent, immigrants are dangerous, and the climate crisis poses no threat. Increasingly, fringes are openly discussing remediation of violent dissatisfaction, including QAnon conspiracy theorists who believe the Democratic Party is engaged in global child sexual trafficking activities.

How can Biden become a “centrist” in this new political world?

There is no midpoint between lies and facts. There is no middle ground between civil discourse and violence. There is no midrange between democracy and fascism.

Biden must boldly and unconditionally tell the truth, refuse to compromise with violent trumpism, and constantly fight for democracy and inclusion.

Telling the truth means responding to the world as it is and condemning toxic deception that involves rights. That means denying false equivalence and “both aspects” that give equal weight to Trumpery and truth. It means protecting and advancing science, standing on the side of logic, arousing deception, and blaming unfounded conspiracy theories and those who betray them.

Refusing to compromise with violent trumpism means abandoning the lawlessness of Trump and his enabler and punishing everyone who has plundered public trust. That means convicting Trump of a criminal offense and ensuring that he will never be in public office – not as a “distraction” from Biden’s agenda, but the basis of that agenda. As a central means of reestablishing a civilization that must be.

Strengthening democracy means drawing large sums of money from politics, strengthening voting rights, and fighting all forms of voter oppression.

That means boldly advancing the needs of the average people, not just blacks and Latinos, but also the white working class plutocracy and oligarchs. That means accepting the ongoing struggle for racial justice and the struggle of blue-collar workers whose fate has declined for decades.

At that moment, a much larger amount of public investment is needed than is needed to rescue or “stimulate” Covid. This is large enough to start rebuilding the economy. The United States needs to create a huge number of new jobs that lead to higher wages, reversing racial exclusion and the downturn of angry and resentful Americans that Trump ironically abused. ..

This includes universal early childhood education, universal access to the Internet, and world-class schools and public universities with universal access. Converts to solar and wind energy, making all US residential and commercial building inventories carbon-neutral. Investing in basic research (the gateway to future technology and national security), along with public health and universal health insurance.

It’s not an affordable issue. Such an agenda does not burden future generations. Reduces the burden on future generations.

It’s a matter of political will. It requires the recognition that there is a future based on lies, violence and authoritarianism, no longer the “center”. About unwavering truth, unwavering politeness, and fundamental inclusion. And it requires a passionate and uncompromising commitment to the latter.

Joe Biden cannot rule from the center – Suppressing trumpism requires radical action | Robert Reich | Opinion

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