Joe Biden sought to replace IRS chief Charles Rettig for destroying tax documents

Charles P. Retig, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, said the Senate Finance Committee, entitled “IRS Fiscal Year 2022 Budget,” held at the Darksen Senate Office Building in Washington, DC on June 8, 2021. I will testify at the hearing.

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A major Democrat on Friday called on the president Joe Biden Exchange IRS Commissioner Charles Retig Controversial agency Destruction of data related to 30 million paper tax returns.

Bill Pasclar of New Jersey, chairman of the oversight subcommittee of the powerful Houseways and Means Committee, said:

“This latest revelation increases the public’s plunging confidence in our unfair two-step tax system,” Pasclar said.

“If it’s the incompetence and catastrophe that every American sees in the IRS, that confidence can’t be restored,” Democrats added. “The way we are learning about destroying unprocessed documents is just the latest example of the lazy attitude from Mr. Rettig.”

The White House and the IRS did not immediately return a request for comment on Pascral’s statement.

Rettig’s call for expulsion is The Treasury Department’s tax director announced the results of the auditOffended the tax authorities.

According to the audit, the IRS has been “filed unprocessed personal and business tax returns” since reopening the tax processing center in June 2020, months after the Covid-19 pandemic was closed. I have a significant backlog of books. “

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The inability to process the backlog of paper-submitted returns “contributed to management’s decision to destroy an estimated 30 million paper-submitted return documents in March 2021”, the audit said. discovered.

These documents may include W-2 forms and other information sent to the IRS by your employer or financial institution.

Tax officials told CNBC that the destruction of the documents would prevent the IRS from reviewing the details of the taxpayer’s tax returns, which could delay refunds.

Philis Joe Kubay, Chairman of the New York State Registered Agents Association, said:

“There was no negative impact on taxpayers as a result of this action,” the IRS said Thursday.

“Taxpayers or taxpayers are not and will not be subject to the penalties resulting from this proceeding,” the agency said.

That claim was not enough for Pascral. Pasclar said members of the Ways and Means Commission and other lawmakers “showed immense patience with the IRS.”

“During this pandemic, the IRS staff have done well under immense pressure, lack of resources, and near-impossible situations,” said Pasclar. “The republic’s obstruction of this agency over the last decade has exacerbated these challenges. In our hearing, we have repeatedly paid homage to the work of reforming the IRS, but it is sufficient.”

He continued later in the statement: “This latest revelation increases the public’s plunge confidence in our unfair two-step tax system, if it is the incompetence and catastrophe that all Americans see in the IRS. If you do, that confidence cannot be restored. “

“Mr. Retig has had enough time and cooperation to begin the important task of fixing the IRS. True accountability is needed. President Biden immediately replaced Mr. Retig and the IRS. Chief counsel must be appointed. “

— CNBC’s Kate Dore contributed to this report

Joe Biden sought to replace IRS chief Charles Rettig for destroying tax documents

Source link Joe Biden sought to replace IRS chief Charles Rettig for destroying tax documents

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