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3 years ago Donald Trump Surprised NATO members at a summit in Brussels, he warned that the United States might be ready to withdraw from the Western military alliance if other members did not increase their defense spending.

At the top of the same city on Monday, it falls to Joe Biden Experts warn that the Trump era will have lasting consequences, but to repair the damage from his predecessor’s bohemian play four years.

Rhetorically, at least the precursors are favorable. The President of the United States has declared NATO Article 5 that an armed attack on one member is considered an attack on all of them. “Sacred commitment” last week.

In the Belgian capital, Biden’s trademark has long been expected, with similar words and respectful tone, especially as the United States wants it. Nato, Along with the G7, take a stronger path to Russia, especially cyberwarfare, and even China, which was not traditionally considered an enemy.

“This is the first time NATO countries have tackled security challenges from China,” US officials confidently explained before the summit.

The alliance’s secretary-general, Jason Stoltenberg, has promised a new cybersecurity policy, saying that relations with Russia, where most hacks are occurring, are at their lowest level since the end of the Cold War.

Karin von Hippel, director of the Royal United Services Institute think tank, said: He really has a Value Alliance and knows they need to tackle issues like China.

“But NATO allies also know that four years can pass quite quickly in world affairs. They could Trump, or a politician like him, return to president soon. They know that they have to imagine a world where the United States is not always there. “

Until Biden’s election, NATO was paralyzed or retreated. Three years ago, Trump arrived late in the morning session and bulldozered a discussion on the Ukrainian membership application and the situation in Afghanistan on his own theme.

The president accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of refusing to spend more on defense and continued to declare that NATO allies had to do it. Increase spending by January 2019 Or Washington would go it alone.

Subsequent urgent debates did not draw a firm commitment, and most leaders rushed away, Trump held a press conference and declared in a parallel universe, The summit was a great success. “I’m very consistent. I’m a very stable genius,” he said, repeating the already familiar phrase.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) officials have modestly held the 2019 summit in London, but Trump has guaranteed it to be even shorter anyway, Runaway after a group of leaders were captured in a video Mock his long press conference. Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, accused Ottawa of not spending enough on defense, Trump said.

Despite Trump’s order to withdraw 12,000 U.S. troops from Germany, the coronavirus pandemic’s intervention in 2020 was almost a relief, but Biden’s decision was overturned. It was. But the idea that other NATO members should increase defense spending and share the burden more has united a series of US presidents.

At the 2014 NATO Summit in Cardiff, when Barack Obama was president and Biden was vice president, members agreed to reverse defense spending cuts and raise them to more than 2% of GDP. With some help from the pandemic-related decline in GDP, UK will reach 2.29% in 2021 France is 2.01%, while Germany spends 1.53%.

Also, Biden’s commitment to US militarism is not absolute. He continued that Trump announced his withdrawal from Afghanistan, even though other NATO allies, such as Britain, wanted to continue their long-term peacekeeping mission.

Stoltenberg was asked at a press conference on Friday whether the absence of Trump would allow other alliance members to facilitate defense spending. In his reply, he argued that “NATO’s transatlantic bond goes beyond individual political leaders.”

However, von Hippel warned against overconfident talk about the likelihood of a bright gathering. “Another Trump threat should reduce complacency for Europeans,” she said.

Joe Biden Uses NATO Summit to Compensate for Trump’s Yearly Damage | Nato

Source link Joe Biden Uses NATO Summit to Compensate for Trump’s Yearly Damage | Nato

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