Joe Biden’s $2 trillion COVID relief package to include $2,000 stimulus checks, aides tell congressional allies – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-01-14 15:02:01 –

President-elect Joe Biden will announce a major COVID-19 bailout package on Thursday, and his adviser recently offered a $ 2 trillion price tag to Congressional allies, according to two people who outlined the deliberations. I told you to expect it.

The Biden team is taking a “moon-aiming” approach with packaging. A lawmaker in close contact with them told CNN, but added that price tags could still change. The proposal includes significant direct payments to American families, distribution of coronavirus vaccines and other emergency spending measures to help those struggling during a pandemic, in key states and regions. Funds are included.

Biden will announce details of his plans Thursday night in Wilmington, Delaware.

Democrats hold only the slimmest majority in the House and Senate, and Republicans have recently resisted efforts to pass the Covid-19 bailout on a trillion-dollar scale. But Biden’s party believes it may only have a short time frame to pass a drastic bailout bill, and the presidential election faces great pressure from some Democrats to grow. There is.

Brian Deese, who will lead the National Economic Council by Biden, said at a meeting Wednesday that the package would include a $ 2,000 stimulus check and would work on other remedies such as unemployment insurance.

I wonder if some of the missing second stimulus checks and last year’s tax refunds are related to the problem

Biden’s early focus on a drastic bailout package reflects the political reality that his first year in office is defined by his ability to fight the virus and stop the economic collapse.

According to Johns Hopkins University, in just a few days before he took office, the pandemic was killed faster than at any point in 2020. The United States reported the highest COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday: 4,327.

As a result, Biden is pushing the upcoming Senate impeachment trial not to consume his agenda and obscure the early days of his administration. He is still waiting for an announcement as to whether the Senate can pursue impeachment alongside a cabinet confirmation hearing and the Covid-19 bill.

Biden and his team are working behind the scenes with Senate Democrats (and House of Representatives impeachment managers) to keep the impeachment trial as quick as possible, but how successful it is is. It is an open issue.

Biden said in a statement Wednesday night that the House’s vote to “impeach the president and hold him accountable” is a “bipartisan vote by members who follow the Constitution and its goodwill,” but the Senate trial is hampered. He made it clear that he didn’t want that. His agenda.

“This country is also under the control of a deadly virus and a rebounding economy,” Biden continued. “I hope the Senate leadership will find a way to address the constitutional responsibility for impeachment while at the same time tackling other urgent projects in the country.”

Joe Biden’s $2 trillion COVID relief package to include $2,000 stimulus checks, aides tell congressional allies Source link Joe Biden’s $2 trillion COVID relief package to include $2,000 stimulus checks, aides tell congressional allies

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