Joe Biden’s 50% emission target is ambitious.But that’s still not enough | William J Ripple

Joe Biden wants to reduce U.S. emissions In half From the 2005 level. However, since then, emissions have been declining slowly, a decrease of only 37% from 2020 levels.

It’s a problem in a nutshell. Our leaders are sticking to templates that don’t meet the urgency of today.The United States is no longer the world’s largest emitter, and China, the largest pollutant, is looking to build more Coal fired power plant, Could not reach carbon neutral until 2060. Unfortunately, it’s a perfect example of how far we are from the seriousness of the situation.

We are in a climate emergency, but we still have time to control the pain. Carbon emissions have caused sea levels to rise due to policy choices, corporate behavior, and overall response from the global community over the next decade. Abnormal weather.. However, as long as we continue to use the Paris Agreement as a benchmark for success, we will not be able to make sufficient progress in time.

Paris was supposed to be a starting point, not an end goal. It was an unprecedented effort to bring the nations of the world together, recognize obvious and neglected issues, and set preliminary goals for substantive action. But it lacked teeth and ambition. The agreement requires that global warming be limited to 1.5-2.0 ° C, but serious climate disasters have already occurred with warming below 1 ° C.

For the past five years, most countries have been unable to make progress in achieving their individual commitments to an agreement.The United States withdraws from this problem, China spreads pollution, only Morocco and Gambia Have been identified As if we were on track to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C. Meanwhile, we have witnessed the hottest five years on record, unprecedented storms, large wildfires, uncontrolled deforestation, and about 167 billion tonnes of carbon being pumped into our atmosphere. Did.

Given all this, of course Evidence mount body This proves that 2050 is an inadequate target for reaching net zero emissions. In addition, we do not fully understand the climate feedback loop and potential turning points that can be disastrous. The climate crisis is accelerating much faster than most scientists expected, failing without immediate wholesale and social change through policy, economics, food consumption habits and relationships with nature. I will.

There is a lack of awareness of the sacrifices we must make to survive. Spending money on infrastructure and betting on future technology to save us is not enough.we must Reduce overconsumption By wealthy people who are the main beneficiaries of fossil fuel consumption. The US government must urgently declare a climate emergency and immediately begin the phased introduction of national carbon tariffs to burden polluters. This list continues.

Biden’s message on climate is ambitious, emphasizing the employment opportunities and promises behind restructuring our society, and he is not wrong. There are plenty of opportunities on the horizon to catch them boldly and quickly. But fixing our economy and providing incentives for green energy is only part of the puzzle.

how is it Agriculture?? What about the explosion of overconsumption and population growth? What about the large amount of internal organs of our natural resources? Saving the world from a climate catastrophe is neither quick nor fun. It requires grit, tenacity, ingenuity and commitment.

Holistic and comprehensive measures are the only way out of this. Here’s how to solve complex, large-scale systematic problems.

The focus is on finding a solution to this problem Climate emergency warning by world scientists A report co-authored last year.There are more than 14,000 scientists from 156 countries here 6 steps It was needed to survive the climate crisis. These steps include energy (carbon pricing and rapid phasing out fossil fuels), reduction of short-lived pollutants (methane, black carbon, hydrofluorocarbons, etc.), and natural ecosystems (forests, mangroves, wetlands, etc.). We will revolve around the recovery and protection of the world and the changes in the world. Diet for more plant-based foods (consumption of less animal products), transition to a carbon-free economy using ecological economics, and sustainability of a population that could bring the world together to over 8 billion Reduction of impossible increase (about 200,000 per day) by 2023.

This is not easy. It will be the largest business in human history. And that’s what it takes to survive and continue to prosper.

Joe Biden’s 50% emission target is ambitious.But that’s still not enough | William J Ripple

Source link Joe Biden’s 50% emission target is ambitious.But that’s still not enough | William J Ripple

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