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JBiden Cross the atlantic Riding a wave of favors this week. Four years after Donald Trump, European leaders are grateful for the mere fact of being the President of the United States, who believes in democracy and understands diplomacy.

Trump lacked the concept of historic alliances, strategic partnerships, or mutual benefits. He saw multilateral institutions as a conspiracy against US power that was indistinguishable from his own ego. He heard that Europe’s story of a rule-based international order is a contemptuous bloodline of weakened nations.

Biden’s stated purpose is to strengthen that order.In a published article At the Washington Post On the eve of the trip, the President talks about his “updated” and “unwavering” commitment to transatlantic relations based on “shared democratic values.”

The itinerary begins in Cornwall. G7 leader. This will be followed by a NATO summit in Brussels and further meetings with the chairs of the European Council and the European Commission. Biden will coordinate the rise of Western solidarity as mood music ahead of his final destination in Geneva to meet with Vladimir Putin. In that respect, the cooling of stable relationships would be seen as progress after the very strangeness of Trump’s voluntary of by the Kremlin magnates.

Recreating the Cold War choreography would be suitable for Putin by pretending that Russia is still a superpower. In reality, Washington sees Moscow as a declining force. It makes up for the diminished influence, attacks as much as possible, and disperses seeds of mischief and discord. Putin is not considered a rival, but a frustrating being.

This is in sharp contrast to the idea. China – The actual superpowers and eastern poles that Biden keeps in mind when talking about the resurrection of the Western Democratic Alliance. In that respect, the denial of Trump’s wrecking ball rhetoric can be misleading. To the European ear, it sounds as if the new White House administration is about to bring the watch back into a more calm and combative era. In reality, Biden is trying to tell Europe to take action in the upcoming competition for global hegemony with Beijing.

In Europe, in this context, the president also means the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson may imagine himself as a world leader on a continental scale, but the President of the United States does not have to indulge in that fantasy.

Biden has a vague view of Brexit as a pointless sabotage to European integration. The White House preferred Britain as the voice of pro-US influential in the EU. Due to its loss of function, Brexit’s only utility is for Britain to become an economic and strategic client state to the United States. To make it easier to accept. That means it sets us apart from China.

If the choice matches Washington or Beijing, European countries do not really have to stop for a long time. It’s easy to arouse US global hype and point out hypocrisy to US’s claim that it’s a light of political freedom. But an alternative is an expansionist holistic state that opposes democracy. And now Participated in genocide Against Uighurs.

If China were a poorer country, Biden’s mission would have been easier. However, the economic gap between established superpowers and challengers is closing.Americans per capita Still much betterBut China could overtake GDP in gross domestic product By the end of this decadeIts weight comes with world-leading technical capabilities with crossover military applications to keep the Pentagon at night.

During the Cold War, the Kremlin maintained credible military rivals with Western nations, but for a long time was not an economic competitor. The collapse of the Soviet model seemed to prove that political freedom and prosperity were brought as a package. There can be no company without a market, no market without fair rules, and no enforceable rules without democracy. The Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorial capitalist hybrid model seems to have denied that theory.

When the G7 was conceived in the 1970s, its member states (US, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan) generously represented the overwhelming share of world wealth. There was a natural link between the liberal democratic system and financial success. Today, the combined GDP of these seven countries has fallen to 40% of the world total.

Chinese money gives Europe a commercial incentive to compete with lofty rhetoric about the value of democracy. China is Germany’s largest export market. Smaller EU member states are welcoming investment in China’s infrastructure and business, but concerns about built-in political clues and security pitfalls are steadily rising.large Brussels-Beijing Trade AgreementSigned last year (which greatly discouraged Washington) is now frozen as part of a retaliatory debate over Europe’s criticism of China’s human rights abuses.

However, EU governments do not feel the US level of urgency to contain China.Geography is a factor – the United States has a Pacific coast and is strategic Commitment to TaiwanBritain and France are only bystanders, despite the bravery of the Navy. There are also conceptual differences.As one diplomat says, Europe doesn’t like China To doBut America doesn’t like China is. The idea that America will be replaced by world hegemony during this century is existentially horrifying to Washington.

The Trump phenomenon amplifies the anxiety of the current White House administration. It was a near-death experience for the American constitutional order. A sign of death for political and economic models that were thought to be unmanageable at the dawn of the 21st century. The prospect of fragmentation, decline, and democratic credibility is the most realistic of his 50-year career in Washington, so the U.S. president will show Western leaders the strength of solidarity. prompt.

Meanwhile, Mr. Biden has been successful with patience, diplomacy, and understated and unobtrusive language. That style would like to thank him in Europe, but don’t mistake the president’s manners for the mildness of purpose. The understated style is developed for a tough message. He isn’t crossing the Atlantic to miss the alliance that won the first Cold War. He’s recruiting new hires for a second recruitment.

Joe Biden’s mission at the G7 Summit: Recruiting Allies for the Next Cold War | Rafael Bear

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