Joe Manchin claims he “can’t vote for a $ 3.5 trillion spending bill” | US Senate

Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat who is interfering with Joe Biden’s signature $ 3.5 trillion invoiceAgain on Sunday, he insisted he wouldn’t support the package, declared the price tag too high, and the White House tried to get through it too soon.

Earlier this month, West Virginia Senator urged the administration to:Press the pause button“In Ambitious Measures” is a swing vote in 50-50 divided rooms. Last week, White House Chief of Staff Ronald Crane told Manchin thatVery convincingChuck Schumer, the leader of the Democratic Senate, said the budget adjustment bill was “Fastest forward“.

However, in two political talk shows on Sunday, Manchin reiterated his opposition, saying this week at ABC:If you can’t go home and explain [the bill], I can’t vote for it.

“Now you don’t have to hurry to do it. There’s no urgency. Wouldn’t you like to discuss it a bit more, talk about it and see what we have there?”

Manchin said what he thought would be acceptable as a federal investment in a bill targeting efforts to combat the climate crisis in health care, immigration reform and other social priorities and programs. There wasn’t. However, in personal discussions with colleagues, he reportedly fluctuated between $ 1 trillion and $ 1.5 trillion in total.

His resistance caused progressive anger at his own caucuses. Already passed the Senate Unless Manchin gives way.

Vermont Senator and Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, $ 3.5 trillion is “Already the result of a big, big compromiseI urged Manchin to reconsider.

“You have an overwhelming majority of American working families who want us to do this. You have a president, more than 90% of the people in the House of Representatives and more than 90% of the Senators,” he said. Sanders said in his own appearance this week.

“Is it appropriate to break the two laws alone? Joe Manchin has the right to hear his opinion. He must sit with all of us, and we It’s a solution. If both bills go down, it would be really terrible and terrible shame for Americans. “

Manchin also spoke to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a member of the New York Assembly, one of the loudest critics in the House of Representatives. ..

“”[I’m] I’m sick of this “bipartisan” corruption in the guise of clear moderation, “she wrote. By tweet Earlier this month, Manchin had a weekly “secret talk” with oil company Exxon, claiming that the “so-called” bipartisan “fossil fuel bill” would “kill people.”

In CNN’s Union state on Sunday, Manchin denied the claim. “I keep the door open for everyone, it’s completely wrong,” he said.

“The superlatives of these types are terrible. I don’t know a young woman, I’ve met her once. She’s just guessing.”

Regarding the House Democratic threat to upset the infrastructure bill, he said: I can tell you that America will react if they play politics in response to America’s needs. “

Joe Manchin claims he “can’t vote for a $ 3.5 trillion spending bill” | US Senate

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