Joe Manchin opposes $ 3.5 trillion Biden Democratic spending bill

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin met with Texas Democrats outside the hideout office in the basement of the US Capitol in Washington, DC on Thursday, July 15, 2021 after meeting with Democrats in the media. Talk to members of.

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Sen. Joe Manchin Democrats have revealed what they need to do to win his vote on their vast economic plan — and to prevent the president Joe BidenAgenda from the collapse.

Democratic Party of West Virginia on Thursday Prompted the leader to “pause” Their review of a huge $ 3.5 trillion spending bill. Democrats aim to approve bills that will invest in climate policy and social programs in the coming weeks without Republican support.

Manchin passed a $ 3.5 trillion budget resolution last month. This is the first step in the reconciliation process that allows Democrats to move forward without Republicans. At the time, he and Democratic Senator Kyrsten Cinema suggested that he would oppose the final bill unless the price tag was reduced.

Manchin went one step further on Thursday, calling for a “strategic pause” in advancing the plan.of The Wall Street Journal editorial, Senator cited concerns about inflation and debt.

“I’m close to the $ 3.5 trillion bill, or that level of additional spending, without making it clearer why Congress chose to ignore the serious impact of inflation and debt on existing government programs. I don’t support it, “Manchin wrote.

Senator did not rule out voting for smaller bills. He said, “By putting a strategic pause on this budget and significantly reducing the size of possible settlement bills to just what the United States can afford and need to spend, we are for everyone. We can and will build a better, stronger country, “he concluded. Our family. “

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Manchin’s stance complicates the already daunting endeavors of Democrats to pass spending plans and a $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. Senate leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. If he loses Manchin or another member of his caucuses, the legislation will fail.

Meanwhile, efforts to appease Manchin could go against progressives in the House of Representatives, where their party wants to spend more than $ 3.5 trillion to fight the climate crisis and boost social safety nets. I have. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. Could lose up to 3 Democratic votes for this plan.

Pelosi has postponed the final vote on the infrastructure bill passed by the Senate in order to maintain economic proposals for both centrists and liberals. She made a non-binding promise to vote for the infrastructure plan by September 27.

Democrats may have already taken steps to mitigate Manchin’s concerns about budget planning. Mr Pelosi said he wanted the full bill to be paid and claimed that the House would only approve bills that could pass the Senate.

Democrats also seem to admit that they need to write a bill of less than $ 3.5 trillion to get it through the Senate. Lawmakers say they want to raise taxes on businesses and the wealthy and strengthen the IRS enforcement of existing tax rates to offset spending.

Manchin’s call for delays will frustrate many of his parties calling for parliamentary action to combat the long-deferred climate change. The budget will use subsidies and other incentives to drive green energy adoption, electrify buildings and homes, and increase the resilience of infrastructure to extreme weather events.

The recent wildfires in the western United States and the floods in the southern and northeastern states, which have been exacerbated by climate change, have only increased calls among Democrats to pass spending bills. ..

Speaking Thursday from New York City, hours before rainwater spilled into subway tunnels and paralyzed public transport, Schumer called passing infrastructure and climate bills “essential.”

“Whether home, electricity or transportation, what quickly to build a resilient infrastructure and clean up electricity to stop global warming, or at least mitigate its negative effects. If we don’t do that, we’re miserable. This country. “

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Joe Manchin opposes $ 3.5 trillion Biden Democratic spending bill

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