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John Bel Edwards heading to Glasgow climate change conference | State Politics – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-25 18:10:00 –

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards will attend the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Scotland later this week.

Much of the world’s attention will be directed to Glasgow next week. Celebrities, activists, business people and politicians are expected to come to Scotland’s largest city. Protests and demonstrations may take place.

The Glasgow Conference, called COP26, is expected to be the most important international conference on climate since it agreed in Paris six years ago to collectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and further slow global warming. We invite diplomats from about 200 countries. From 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

As president, Donald Trump ordered the United States to withdraw from the 2015 Paris Agreement. The move was strongly supported by many Republicans and opposed by many Democrats.

Climate change mitigation remains a precarious partisan issue when US President Joe Biden attends the Glasgow conference and is expected to promise to further reduce US emissions. But Congress does not go through the initiatives needed to reach his goals.

Don Pearson, Director of Economic Development, and Tom Harris, Director of Natural Resources, said Edwards has climate change, cleaner energy, and a changing climate.

In less than a year, Louisiana was hit by four hurricanes. Among them are two hurricanes with a sustained wind of about 150 miles per hour after landing, primarily because they are warmer than normal Gulf waters.

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“No country is as affected by climate change as Louisiana, but no country is better suited to be part of a solution to the problems facing the world,” Edwards said in a press release Monday. Stated. “In Glasgow, we have the opportunity to meet people from around the world who represent different governments as well as different sectors of the enterprise and clean energy movement.”

Edwards announced in early October that the state had participated in the “Zero Race” campaign of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Race to Zero is committed to taking action to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the effects of further exacerbations of climate change on the global community. Thousands of governments, higher education institutions, And the global efforts of the company.

“No doubt, it is best for Louisiana to be a leader in this area, as there will be an industry-wide transition to the production and use of cleaner, less environmentally friendly energy, with or without Louisiana participation. That’s what Edwards said. “We focus on securing new investments in economic development, job creation and greenhouse gas reduction to overcome the energy shift and move on to a better and cleaner future.”

“Luisiana’s geology and existing industrial base position us as a major hub for carbon management projects and activities and is one of the leaders in driving initiatives to promote carbon management through carbon capture and sequestration.” DNR Secretary Harris said.

“This conference gives us a unique opportunity to engage with companies that may have a keen interest in doing business in states that have established themselves as key players in the clean energy economy. “Masu,” said Pearson, LED Secretary-General.

Edwards and his aides leave on Thursday. The meeting and related meetings will begin on October 31st and will continue until November 4th.

John Bel Edwards heading to Glasgow climate change conference | State Politics Source link John Bel Edwards heading to Glasgow climate change conference | State Politics

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