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Sacramento, California 2021-05-04 15:40:09 –

Sacramento (AP / CBS13) – California’s recall is characterized by “beasts” and “compassionate destroyers.”

Republicans running for Governor of California, John Cox and Caitlyn Jenner, pitched to voters in a new campaign ad on Tuesday, taking different tones to expel Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

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Cox, a 65-year-old businessman who lost a landslide to Newsom in 2018, has released a video that calls himself a “beast” to the “beauty” of photogenic Newsom.

Cox promised that a living Kodiak bear named Tag would roam behind and start a bus tour in Sacramento in the hot sun, bringing “beast” change to the state government. He spent $ 5 million to start broadcasting a 30-second version on state-wide television, his campaign said. This is a lot of money early in the campaign and shows that he needs to be known in crowded areas.

Cox admitted that the bear’s appearance was a stunt aimed at catching the eye of his campaign, but lowered housing costs, increased water resources in the state, and special interests affected the government. He promised to discuss “serious problems” such as avoiding them.

“You have to give this message, and that’s what we’re trying to do here,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jenner has released a video with a more exciting and patriotic tone. She calls herself a “caring destroyer” in an ad featuring a clip of winning a gold medal in the 1976 Summer Olympics in the Men’s Decathlon.

Jenner, a 71-year-old transgender woman, hasn’t held a campaign event since she announced her candidacy nearly two weeks ago, but her hometown of Malibu’s televised city hall is scheduled for Wednesday. It has been. This ad provides her most extensive commentary as a candidate.

“I’m the governor of all Californians, running to regain our true identity and bring gold back to the Golden State,” Jenner said in an ad.

This ad shows Newsom’s photo only once and doesn’t say his name, but she reveals his pandemic policy by highlighting children who are out of school or closed businesses. It’s blown up. Jenner’s campaign didn’t immediately answer whether the campaign had a corresponding ad on TV or was it pitched digitally only.

The release of the ad marked a new stage in the campaign. Democratic Newsome planned to hold one of his first explicit campaign events later on Tuesday, focusing on recalls with two fire unions.

Newsom wasn’t expected to face elections until 2022, but critics of his coronavirus reaction and liberal policy succeeded in collecting more than 1.5 million signatures needed for the call election. ..

There are still a few steps left before the election is officially recognized, but collecting and verifying signatures was the biggest hurdle. The election is probably scheduled for the fall.

Other Republicans in the race include former San Diego Mayor Kevin Folconer and former Congressman Doug Ose.

Cox won less than 40% of the votes for Newsom in 2018 and, despite many attempts, has never won an elected position. But he said Ran would give him a state-wide foundation for growth this time around. Fallconner hasn’t run a state-wide campaign, and Ose temporarily ran for governor in 2018 before dropping out.

Cox pitched himself as a man who knew the struggle on Tuesday. He grew up as a single mother, graduated from college and started a successful business career primarily in real estate. He has already spent $ 10 million on the race and said he could spend more.

“Millions of people voted for something named John Cox, but I don’t think he was by any very well-defined John Cox, so we define him much better. “I’m going to do that,” said Fred Davis in the ad-the maker is now eccentric and attention-grabbing, including a “devil’s sheep” ad in Carly Fiorina’s failed 2010 bid against US Senator Barbara Boxer in California. I work for Cox, known for creating political spots to collect.

Cox refused to answer twice as to whether former President Donald Trump would welcome a campaign for him. Trump approved Cox in 2018, but it’s not popular in the state.

“The cute boy politician is trying to accomplish everything about the battle between the former president and past factions. This is about California right now,” Cox said.

Jenner is working with Trump’s former aide.

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John Cox Trots Out Bear, Caitlyn Jenner Releases New Ad As California’s Recall Election Campaign Heats Up – CBS Sacramento Source link John Cox Trots Out Bear, Caitlyn Jenner Releases New Ad As California’s Recall Election Campaign Heats Up – CBS Sacramento

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