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In this exclusive new interview, John Gosselin reveals why he wants to reunite with his six children who are still estranged.

John Gosselin, 44, is Practical dad Because he still has full custody of his daughter Hannah Gosselin, 16, and brothers Colin, 16.Despite the fact that his children live apart from him and their brothers, he hopes to have a relationship with him again someday. The other 6 children. “I always have hope,” John said. Hollywood Life Exclusively from my home in Pennsylvania on June 12th. “I hope someday they knock on my door, call me, send me a text message, something like that,” he thought.

“I just have to keep hope and not give up, let them know that I love them. I’m here no matter what. I’m not going to give up I can’t elaborate on why and how, “he explained. “I need to be right about myself and the people here, do my best, be central, have a good relationship, and focus on my focus. Myself Similarly, “he added.

John and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin I’m a twin parent Maddy and Kara, 20, with Hannah and Colin’s fellow six-child brothers Alexis, Joel, Arden,and rear, 16. The former couple gained fame at their TLC reality show, John & Kate Plus 8 —But after a decade of marriage that ended in a nasty divorce, Kate was granted custody of six children who were estranged from her father. John was granted full legal and physical custody of Colin in 2018.

Despite the fact that he and Colin have nothing to do with each other Other children, He continues to support his daughter’s choice. “Hannah is in touch with them,” John said. “I love my kids, all the kids. I’m a little away from Maddy and Kara, but I hope they call me and talk to me someday.”

In addition to having fun working in his IT job At Amazon John has been working hard to spin music this summer, but there is one place where he can’t be found because of his respect for his children. “I’m going away from bars and clubs,” John revealed. “It would be great if you had a really big gig. I don’t want to stay up until 4am anymore. I can’t do that at my job. My kids, they don’t care. In fact, They miss me playing. I’m a cool dad … that’s what Hannah says! “He added cheerfully.

“At COVID, it was booming and nothing happened after that. I killed it. I’m doing more corporate and charity events now. I booked a party at the Hamptons. There will be an event in Atlantic City in July. I love playing music, “he continued. “That’s my passion and liberation, but IT is my care and how to provide it to my family. I’m trying to find a way to be a public figure, but I work for the largest company in the world. I still have a private life when I am. I have a really good support system with my friends. DJ Koolie Kirk, He taught me a lot. Without him, I wouldn’t have had a career as a DJ. The transition was very difficult. There is a lot of pressure. You can’t mess with it. If even one small transition gets confused, we won’t work again, “Jon told HL.

John looks forward to celebrating his next special holiday with his two jobs and two children working full-time at home. “We don’t have a fixed plan for Father’s Day,” John confessed. “When you are a father whose children have been taken away, you feel that every day is Father’s Day for you. I meet my children every day. But it’s a holiday. Probably do nothing.” John Has a summer reservation but wants to attend birthdays, weddings and events.Please contact us @Adrianeschwartz Book on Instagram!

John Gosselin wants to reunite with six kids someday — Interview – Hollywood Life

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