“John Waters Christmas” tour in Denver takes gleeful, subversive aim at holiday traditions – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-11-26 08:00:24 –

John Waters’ solo exhibition is legendary — if your legend arrives on the side of a heap of filth. The latest show by the cult director visiting Denver, “Christmas at John Waters,” is no exception.

“I prepare like I do everything else,” said a 75-year-old Baltimore native on the phone last month, digging up decades of devastating work on and off stage. He talked about his comedy performance. “I write a 70-minute monologue, go on stage and play without notes or safety nets.”

Waters, the director of indie shockers such as “Pink Flamingo” and the mainstream hit “Hairspray”, finally brought him. “This Filthy World” Stage Show to Denver In 2012, he hosted the indie country crooner Orville Peck at the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater on July 22nd.

He will be back with “A John Waters Christmas” at Soiled Dove Underground on Saturday, December 4th, the second time this year. Tickets are still available at: eventbrite.comAll sold out except the $ 150 Gold Package ticket.

Q: How about this tour? Is it all new?

A: I’ve never done it before, but the audience for the opening night in San Francisco was very friendly. So … who knows? These days it feels better to the touch than before, and the tactile sensation is the edge I’ve always walked on, so I think it will work. See if I’m arrested in Denver for (swearing).

Q. When do you usually start working on these tour shows?

A. The day after Christmas, it’s been 20 years since I started thinking about the next year. But what happened last year was that the entire tour was cancelled. So this is about the same date as before. The difference is that one or two locations were not reopened.

Q. How about returning to the road after taking a lot of vacation?

Director and screenwriter John Waters (“Hairspray”, “Pink Flamingo”) will bring his “John Waters Christmas” solo exhibition to Soiled Dove Underground on Saturday, December 4th (courtesy of Greg Gorman, T Presents).

A. You will soon get used to the time of the graveyard shift. I walked the stage for the first time in two years in Denver in the summer when I did Orville Peck at Red Rocks. Since then, I’ve been to John Waters camp, Halloween shows, and this tour, so I’m back.

Q. What isn’t coming back this year?

A. Well, I don’t have a big Christmas party that I’ve been doing for about 50 years, so I don’t have 200 people at home. I’m not going to decorate the electric chair as usual. I have two sisters and their step-in-law, who return to Christmas dinner every four years, less than two years ago. Therefore, some traditions are revived, while others are not. Maybe we aren’t ready to come back or will never come back.

Q. Not known for traditional holiday takes.

A. Well, now everything is different. Even Santa … How many home intrusions do he need to realize that it may not be best to do it during COVID? Getting down the chimney or putting animals on the roof is also unwise.

Q. What are your favorite Christmas memories?

A. In the old days, we gave each other gifts on purpose, so I hated the other person the most. I remember getting the soundtracks for all the “Rocky” movies and throwing them out the window. Imagine the tragedy of someone living on the 7th floor of a building and being killed by the “Rocky” soundtrack. But the worst Christmas was really great. It’s fun to buy garbage.

My best is probably the last time my family was all together. It was the happiest thing to be with me again at the end. My brother died of a brain tumor about 20 years ago, but my parents lived to be 90 years old. Most people are unaware when that happens.

“John Waters Christmas” tour in Denver takes gleeful, subversive aim at holiday traditions Source link “John Waters Christmas” tour in Denver takes gleeful, subversive aim at holiday traditions

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