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Hearing actor Ellen Barkin say that, Johnny Depp was a dominant and jealous angry man, even in the 1990s when the two dated.

“Where are you going?” Birkin said Depp asked her. “Who are you going with? What did you do last night?”

Birkin added:

Birkin recalled his relationship with Depp during a previously recorded deposit, played by Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard’s lawyer in a Virginia court on Thursday.

Hard’s lawyer is trying to undermine Depp’s defamation proceedings against her. Depp says a 2018 editorial article written by Hard at the Washington Post unfairly portrayed him as a domestic abuser and sacrificed a lucrative Hollywood career, including the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series. ..

Depp testified that he had never attacked Hard and was a victim of her abuse. However, Hard’s lawyer says these denials are unreliable until he frequently takes and uses drugs and blacks out.

During Birkin’s deposit, she testified that Depp was “always drinking and smoking joints” and taking other illicit drugs. She has been dating Depp for about three to five months, characterizing the relationship as sexual rather than romantic, she said.

Birkin co-starred with Depp in “Fear and Loathing Las Vegas”. During the shoot, Birkin said she threw a bottle of wine in her direction while Depp was fighting some friends in a hotel room. But she said she didn’t understand why he threw her bottle.

Hard’s lawyer argues that the free fall of Depp’s career is the result of his own bad behavior, not Hard’s editorial. They played witness testimony depicting the rise and fall of the actor from “the world’s largest movie star” to a man who suffers from medicine, money, and the ability to appear on time in movie sets.

Tracy Jacobs, who represented the actor for about 30 years, said during the last few years Depp worked with, “appeared late to appear consistently in almost every film.”

“I was very honest with him and said,’I have to stop this. This is hurting you,'” Jacobs said. “And it did.”

Jacobs said Depp had an extraordinary talent, but his behavior in the years prior to his dismissal in 2016 became increasingly less professional and increased drug and alcohol use. ..

“And it went around the town again,” Jacobs said. “That is, people talk, it’s a small community, and it made people hesitate to use him.”

Joel Mandel, a former business manager at Depp, testified in a previously recorded deposit that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film “has led him to a completely different level of success.”

“That meant more employees,” Mandel said. “It meant buying additional assets … it meant a bigger life and a more expensive life.”

Things started to change around 2010, “over time it became clear that there was a problem with alcohol and drugs,” Mandel said. “And it was transformed into more unstable behaviors, more stressful behaviors, and more times it was difficult for me to engage in the kind of conversation I needed to do my job.”

At one point, Depp was spending about $ 100,000 a month on behalf of doctors and staff to help him calm down, Mandel said. In another example, he said he was spending $ 300,000 a month on full-time staff. And he also said that there were times when Depp spent thousands of dollars a month on prescription drugs.

“The level of spending was very, very, very large and we had to maintain that level of incredibly high income,” Mandel said. “And when it fell, disconnection became impossible.”

Mandel said he was very worried about Depp’s finances in 2015, but Depp responded with anger. He said the actor fired him in 2016.

Musician Bruce Witkin, who had been friends with Depp for nearly 40 years, testified in a previously recorded deposit that Depp could be jealous of his romantic relationship.

That jealousy was shown hard when she stopped filming the movie, or “doing something he couldn’t be around to see what was happening.” “I think he will do his best.”

Witkin said he and Depp had seen a bruise on his hard arm while working on a documentary about the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. And he saw Depp once with “fat lips”. But Mr. Witkin said he had never seen Depp or Hard physically abuse each other.

Witkin said he tried to help Depp with substance abuse and set him up with the therapist.

“He will say,’I’ll be fine. I’m fine,” Witkin said, recalling the conversation. “Well, you’re not okay.”

Depp’s sister, Christie Dembrowski, was always interested in his well-being, both in terms of substance abuse and in general, Witkin said.

“Everyone, I think, was deep, but … the payroll people don’t really say much. They challenge, but they don’t want to lose their jobs,” Witkin said. Told. “I’m not saying they all fall into this category, but that’s strange around people like him. Everyone wants something.”

Witkin said his friendship with Depp began to break towards the end of 2017, when the actors began to separate.

“He wrote me this strange text and said I stabbed him in the back and slandered him,” Witkin said. “And I said,” What are you talking about? “And he didn’t explain it. And I have hardly seen him since 2018. ”

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