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Johns Hopkins creates online site to track school reopening decisions – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Washington, DC — The second spring of the COVID-19 pandemic focuses on the efforts some are making to save part of the school year.

But how to do it safely exposes tensions among parents, teachers and administrators across the country.

“I think we’re putting them in a very dangerous situation,” Seattle teacher Olivia Gesner said in a recent protest. “I don’t think our building is ready.”

Fred Podesta at Seattle Public School felt different.

“I think it’s a safe place, a safe place to work, and a safe place for students,” he said.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have created their own plans for each state, as part of which they have created an interactive online dashboard. eSchool + Initiative..

“This is intended to be a resource for everyone,” said Megan Collins, co-director of the Johns Hopkins School-Based Health Solutions Consortium.

It works like this: Click on the website here, Scroll down.

This shows what schools are doing in each state. Dashboard covering teacher vaccinations..There is also Tracker that includes everything from face-to-face learning to specific resumption plans, And the number of COVID-19 cases in the state.

“I’m a mother, teacher, and educator,” said Annette Anderson, deputy director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Safety and Health. “So I’m certainly looking at this from multiple sides.”

Anderson is also a former teacher and principal working on Johns Hopkins Tracker.

“I think everyone wants to reopen school in the end,” Anderson said. “They want their children to go back to the classroom, but people want to be relieved.”

In the coming months, new state information may be added, including whether schools require teachers and staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We have already collected data at the state level on whether the state school board requires teachers to be vaccinated,” Collins said. “No one has ever gone in that direction, but we can see that tweet in other industries.”

Vaccinations are currently being tested on children, so whether students need to be vaccinated is another question that needs to be answered.

“I think this is one of the things we’re ready to commit to with a vaccine tracker.” What are the school-level requirements for vaccination of students? “Collins said.

For more information on the Johns Hopkins eSchool + Initiative click here..

Johns Hopkins creates online site to track school reopening decisions Source link Johns Hopkins creates online site to track school reopening decisions

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