Johnson & Johnson falls short of the 10 million vaccine doses promised by the end of February

Johnson & Johnson commitment By the end of February, we will provide 10 million COVID-19 vaccines and receive an emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, ready to ship less than 4 million vaccines.

Deficiency disclosure by Johnson & Johnson is the first official indicator of how well a pharmaceutical company has fallen below its production targets. Johnson & Johnson We promised to provide another 25 million by the end of March.

“By the end of March, 20 million doses of vaccine will be available, and as soon as an emergency use authorization is granted, we are ready to ship nearly 4 million vaccines,” said Dr. Richard Nettles of Johnson & Johnson. The vice president of medical care at the subsidiary Janssen Hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Tuesday.

By the end of June, he said, “we are confident in our 100 million dose plans.”

The Johnson & Johnson candidate was said to be an important advance in the US vaccine effort as a single-dose vaccine that can be stored at standard refrigerator temperatures for three months. Its slightly lower potency, Compared to the double-dose vaccine manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna.

“This is a vaccine that is very easy to ship and administer. It does not have all of these complex requirements, especially like Pfizer, which is a much more delicate vaccine. It is a single dose. You can get it. That’s it. The vaccine I want. ” Dr. Marcus Precia, Chief Health Officer of the State and Territory Health Officials Association, said.

Vaccines are logistically simple, but states face hurdles in deciding where to prioritize at more robust doses or how to treat residents who want to get one vaccine over another. There is likely to be.Some of that guidance may come This weekend, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Immunization Implementation Advisory Board will meet to discuss Johnson & Johnson’s version.

“In many jurisdictions, it would be great if this vaccine came with very specific recommendations on who should use it and how,” Precia said.

The state also does not yet know how many doses of Johnson & Johnson should be expected. The Biden administration expects to be able to allocate 2 million doses to its jurisdiction next week.

Both Johnson & Johnson and federal authorities have admitted for weeks that the company is facing obstacles. Because it increased production In the United States, to the administration Change vaccination goals..

Last year, the state was given a specific allocation of both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines weeks before FDA approval.

“We will be ready once the EUA is approved. We will not stand in front of the EUA, we will only make sure everything is locked, so once the EUA decision is made, we will reach the American people within 24 hours. Will be distributed immediately. ”Gas Perna, who is responsible for the Trump administration’s vaccine distribution efforts, said. I told reporters last year..

By comparison, earlier this week, Biden administration officials refused to provide Johnson & Johnson with the specific number of doses they expected.Asked if some doses would be reserved for pharmacies and other federal programs, administration Said on monday After the FDA and CDC join, we’re just waiting for the final decision on our strategy.

“Understanding what the scientific community says will help us answer very relevant questions that require the advice of scientists,” said Andy Slavit, senior adviser to the White House.

Johnson & Johnson falls short of the 10 million vaccine doses promised by the end of February

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