Johnson says it is “difficult” to reach the goals of the Framework Convention on Climate Change prior to COP26.

September 19, 2021: Prime Minister Boris Johnson will board a Royal Air Force Voyager at Stansted Airport prior to his visit to the United States.

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Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson said there is a six-tenth chance of reaching an agreement on climate finance before the upcoming COP26 Climate Change Summit.

In a statement to the media while traveling to New York over the weekend, Johnson was asked about securing commitments related to climate finance, and According to the BBC, Environmental goals for the next few days.

“It won’t be straightforward to get everything done this week,” he reportedly said. “But if you do everything in COP, I think 6 out of 10 people. It’s going to be hard, but people need to understand that this is very important to the world.”

The financial debate is set to play an important role in the UK-sponsored COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, from October 31st to November 12th.

According to the United Nations, developed countries have previously stated that they will “jointly mobilize $ 100 billion annually by 2020 to support climate change in developing countries.”

This goal has proven to be a challenge. Last week, the OECD said developed country-provided and mobilized climate funding reached $ 79.6 billion in 2019. That’s an increase from $ 78.3 billion in 2018, but still less than $ 100 billion.

OECD Secretary-General Matthias Corman said in a statement in response to the numbers: “The limited progress in the overall amount of climate change funding from 2018 to 2019 is disappointing, especially ahead of COP26. I’m doing it. “

“Well-validated data for 2020 will not be available until early next year, but it is clear that climate finance is well below that goal,” Corman said. “I need to do more.”

Johnson’s remarks were announced by many outlets, and the BBC broadcast an excerpt of the discussion on Monday morning. Mr Johnson said Britain has made “major commitments” and “significant reductions in CO2,” but other countries need to step up to that plate.

“We have been emitting emissions for centuries, and these emerging industrialized countries say,’Well, why do we have to pay such a big price?’ Therefore, we procure. The $ 100 billion a year needed is to support these countries. [to] Please migrate. ”

The UK’s official COP26 website states that “we will mobilize political parties to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.”

The Paris Agreement, described by the United Nations as a legally binding international treaty on climate change, “limits global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius, preferably 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels.” The purpose is that.

On Monday, Johnson and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will hold what is called the “Informal Leaders’ Roundtable on Climate Change Countermeasures.”

Johnson says it is “difficult” to reach the goals of the Framework Convention on Climate Change prior to COP26.

Source link Johnson says it is “difficult” to reach the goals of the Framework Convention on Climate Change prior to COP26.

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