Jojo Siwa and Kylie Prew split in less than a year of dating

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Go their different paths. After less than a year of dating Jojo Wrinkle When Kylie Prew Divided, We weekly confirm.

“Jojo and Kylie broke up,” sources say exclusively. We. “A few [Dancing With the Stars] The cast knows goodbye. “

Insider reveals it Division of teens It occurred about 2 weeks ago.

“Kylie stopped attending the show, so she hasn’t been seen by the audience since they split,” Source adds. “Jojo is Focus on competition and give her everything..It’s a tough time for her, but she’s handling DWTS While being very professional, he keeps a smile and gives 100%. She doesn’t want to disappoint her fans. “

Sources say the 18-year-old, a former competitive dancer, has become very intimate since the split. DWTS Partner Jenna Johnson..

“Jenna’s Like my sister [JoJo]“The sources say WePlease note that I am 27 years old So you think you can dance Alum “It has nothing to do with division.”

NS DWTS Season 30 contestants first evoked speculation of bankruptcy after hinting that they had experienced difficult moments in a mysterious life. Instagram director.

“This was a week” Dance mom Alum I wrote it in early October. “My brain has never been overwhelmed or overloaded not only by work but also by personal life.”

After squirting Her participation DWTS, Nebraska native opened about her Roller coaster Emotions.

“This week in my life taught me a lot,” she continued in her post. “Live in an instant. Smile as much as you can. Do whatever you need to be happy …. This week was one of the most difficult weeks of my life for a variety of reasons, but it’s the best week I’m grateful every time I smile this week and every time I smile for the last 18 years❤️.. “

Following her candid social media post, “Candy Store Kids” singer Explained her challenging week After co-starring with the Season 26 Mirror Ball Champion on DWTS Tuesday, October 12th.

“Why I was able to overcome [my emotions] Thanks to my wonderful coach [Johnson] Thanks to this week’s dance, “said Wrinkle. We weekly And other reporters below Disney Villains Night in ABC Competition.. “Everyone always says that dance is an escape route. Dance is a place where you can express yourself. I’ve always said,” It’s cheap. ” Dance is just a place to have fun killing, doing good and doing your own thing. But this week I really learned that it was a bit of an escape. “

She said at the time: “What’s happening every day in my personal life, but this week was so extreme that it was something I had never experienced and never felt before. And it was tough and tricky. Fortunately, there are really good people in my life, and I’m really lucky to be able to rehearse and dance with my best friend every day for three hours this week. “

Dancing with the Stars Jojo Wrinkles and Kylie Prew

Kylie Prew and Jojo Siwa Broadimage / Shutterstock

Wrinkles “definitely” said the week was full of ups and downs, “but because of my family, because of this song. [from DWTS’ Disney night performance], For the show I’m on the other side. “

Nickelodeon star Revealed relationship with her Prew, 18 years old, less than a month rear She came Became her social media follower in January..Wrinkles revealed Tonight’s show starring Jimmy Fallon In February, she had “the most wonderful, wonderful, perfect and most beautiful girlfriend in the world.”

Initially, wrinkles kept the identity of Florida’s native species secret, The pair went officially on Instagram a few weeks later..

“After being my best friend for over a year … I started calling this extraordinary person my girlfriend,” she capped on the pair’s Instagram photo at the time. “Since then, I have been the happiest ever! She is seriously the most affectionate, supportive, happiest, protective and most beautiful perfect person in the world. And I have her I will call it mine! “

January 2021 Jojo Siwa's Journey
Courtesy of JoJo Siwa / Instagram

Wrinkles, who first met Pru on a cruise ship in December 2020, were previously dating “the most perfect girl in the world” and saying “I was really, really happy and lucky” eight months later. I was in a hurry to have a relationship.

NS J team Star Speaking exclusively We In August, “I think we can communicate really well. And I think both of our intentions are very genuine and we both want the same result of this relationship, You know, we want to be together forever, and we just want to be there for each other, so I think that’s why it works, you know I never wanted to grow up, and then I wanted someone to come that way into my life. I wanted to meet someone I was in love with when I was young. “

We weekly I’m asking wrinkles for comment.

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Jojo Siwa and Kylie Prew split in less than a year of dating

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