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Release: 2012
Studio: David Production
Episode: 10-26

Phantom Blood Ark JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Battle Tendency Ark is a franchise that races with all guns burning, leaning completely forward. Introducing a new, brusher and comedic hero and an adventure on Earth to defeat the menacing ancient villains.The battle tide is really Jojo The series will be a fan favorite.

Fifty years after the Phantom Blood incident, Jonathan’s grandson Joseph Joestar lives in New York City with his grandmother. He has some ability in Hamon (the magical martial arts of the series), but mainly uses it to get out of mischief and trouble with the authorities. Meanwhile, south of the border, an old friend Speedwagon, now an oil tycoon and philanthropist, is studying a stone mask that gave Dio the power of a vampire. At the Aztec ruins, he discovers a pillar with a mask and a male constellation. A longtime friend of Speedwagon betrays him, steals his mask, awakens the “pillar man” and then goes to New York City. In New York City, Jojo is involved in the battle between ancient divine beings and the masks that give them power.

Throw some Nazis, three more pillar guys in Rome, Casanova who can use bubbles as a weapon, Hamon’s beautiful master as a teacher, fight against time, meat-eating squirrels, vampire chariot races- More I need to say?

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The battle tide is almost twice as long as Phantom Blood, giving you more chances to invest in the hero and the world he lives in. Jonathan was a very solid, honest and somewhat boring hero. Joseph, on the other hand, is a mischievous person and is not always the person he likes most. He is full of himself, relies on tricks to win, and has few old-fashioned ideas of honor that his grandfather had. By breaking out of the traditional hero type, Joseph becomes more fun to watch and becomes one of the best overall characters in the series.

Accompanied by Joseph’s journey are a few characters that are not as memorable as the Phantom Blood characters. Caesar Zeppeli acts as a kind of rival / friend, but never transcends being more than just being there. Smoky, whose thief has become Jojo’s friend, is there again. The only heroic character to remember, except Joseph, is Lisa Lisa. Lisa Lisa trains him to take on Pilamen and introduces the series.

And when it comes to pillar men, they may be scary, but they are completely forgotten. None of them reach the level of pure evil that Dio did, and despite being the ancestors of the villains in the series, even Car is a faint imitation of Dio.

Anyway, I still think this arc is better than the first one. The fight has a breathtaking time and the pace is perfect. There are enough places and enough emotions to support Jojo in seemingly impossible battles.

With a great soundtrack, more fantastic over-the-top voicework, and manga-style-faithful animations, Battle Tendency comes across almost the perfect mature boy.
Everything it does right is more than a make-up for its shortcomings.

It will be difficult to find a story of super-masculinity that is more interesting than the battle tide.

Evaluation: 3/4

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is available on Netflix and Crunchyroll.
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