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Jon Gruden officially resigns as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Jon Gruden. (File / MGN photo)

Las Vegas (KLAS) —In a statement released Monday afternoon, Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said he would resign. The announcement came after a new email surfaced showing that he used racist, misogynistic, and homosexual comments.

I have resigned as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. I love Raiders and don’t want to be distracted. Thanks to all Raider Nation players, coaches, staff and fans. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

Jon Gruden, former head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders

In a New York Times Monday survey, Gruden not only used racist comments in one email in 2011, but also regularly used derogatory words in emails during his employment at ESPN. After it became clear, the announcement became prominent.

In particular, Gruden said, “I accidentally and often unleashed the words of misogyny and homosexuality to insult people around the game and mock some of the major changes in the league.”

According to a NY Times study, Gruden sent an email while working at ESPN, showing that he was intolerant of players who criticized female referees, drafted gay players, and protested in the national anthem. ..

The report highlights excerpts from various emails Gruden sent to former Washington Football Team chairman Bruce Allen and others. In particular, what Gruden calls “League Commissioner, Roger Goodell,” Bassoon “.

The report also reveals the languages ​​and comments Gruden made while at ESPN, and click here to read the entire NY Times article.

Earlier Monday, DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL Players Association, replied via Twitter about Jon Gruden’s comments in a 2011 email.

Smith said in part of the tweet: “Some of the emails from Jon Gruden and their reactions confirm that the fight against racism, racist metaphors, and intolerance is not over. This is about email. It’s not about things, but about the broad belief by some that people who look like me may be treated as less. “

He went on to add that Gruden had contacted him since the email was first released last week.

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