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Jon Gruden is the coach of the Las Vegas Raiders because the email he sent before being hired in 2018 contained racist, homosexual, and misogynistic comments.

Those familiar with the decision say today that Gruden will resign after the New York Times reports that Gruden frequently used misogyny and homosexuality words directed at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and others. rice field.

The NFL Network first reported development.

It was a sharp drop for Gruden, the fourth year of a 10-year, $ 100 million contract signed with the Raiders in 2018. It began on Friday when the Wall Street Journal reported that Gruden used racist terminology to describe the NFL. In 2011, a mail to former Washington executive Bruce Allen was sent to Union Chief. De Maurice Smith.

The email was discovered in an investigation into the Washington Football Team’s workplace fraud, but when Gruden condemned the drafting of gay players and showed the forgiveness of players protesting during the performance of the national anthem. I ended up sacrificing Gruden’s work.

Gruden apologized for his “insensitive remarks” about Smith and said it was made out of frustration with the 2011 lockout. However, the latest emails sent between 2011 and 18 when Gruden was an ESPN analyst show that his derogatory use of words goes far beyond that.

League sources said the email was verified to be accurate and sent to the Raiders last week. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the league did not publish the email.

Raiders owner Mark Davis said last week that the email about Smith was “not what the Raiders represent, it’s annoying,” and the team is checking for additional emails.

The Times reported that Gruden used a gay slur to insult Goodell, saying he was “ignorant” and “anti-football.”

He also said that Goodell should not have pressured Rams to draft a “queer.” This is a reference to Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL team.

The Raiders defensive end, Karl Nashib, appeared as gay in June and was the first openly gay player to play in NFL games.

In a 2017 email, the Times said Gruden replied “Roger of a good job” to the sexist meme of women.

The newspaper also criticized Gruden for trying to reduce concussion and criticized Goodell and the NFL League, saying that Eric Reed, who demonstrated during the national anthem, should be fired.

According to the newspaper, in 2017 Gruden mocked an article about a player calling on Goodell to support efforts to promote racial equality and criminal justice reform.

“He has to hide in a concussion protocol tent,” Gruden writes.

Gruden and Allen have a long relationship working together in Auckland and Tampa Bay. The email between the two men and the other men contained a photo of a woman wearing only a bikini bottom, including a photo of two Washington team cheerleaders.

Gruden also criticized President Barack Obama and then Vice President Joe Biden during the 2012 reelection campaign.

Smith is grateful that Gruden contacted him today following his first report, but said the email was evidence of an ongoing fight against racism.

“But definitely, the news isn’t what is said in our personal conversation, what else is being said by people who didn’t expect them to be exposed, and they It’s about how it’s explained, “Smith wrote on Twitter.

Gruden’s comment on Allen about Smith came during the player’s 2011 lockout by the NFL. Gruden told The Wall Street Journal that he was angry with the lockout during labor negotiations and did not trust the union’s direction.

“Dumboris Smith has Michelin tire-sized lips,” Gruden wrote in a newspaper-reviewed email.

Jon Gruden out as Las Vegas Raiders coach over offensive emails Source link Jon Gruden out as Las Vegas Raiders coach over offensive emails

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