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Jonathan Bennett has become everyone’s favorite crash thanks to his breakout role in “Mean Girls”. He was afraid to lose a lot of female fans when he came out.

Jonathan Bennett Has recently lived proudly of his truth.He is engaged James Vaughan And the couple teamed up Kay Jewelers design ‘Our ring by James & Jonathan, One of the first same-sex engagement / wedding ring offerings by major retailers. But Jonathan has lived for years for fear of coming out.

“I was afraid I would lose everything,” said 39-year-old Jonathan. Hollywood life Exclusively while discussing his decision to come out in 2017. “That is, for decades, everyone says you’ll lose all your teenage girl fans. [if you come out] They will all hate you. And if you lose them, no one will watch your movie and no one will cast you. And that’s the harsh truth you hear. “

Jonathan Bennett was filmed upon arriving at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. [Shutterstock]

Fortunately, Jonathan wasn’t. “Honestly, the exact opposite happened,” he shared. “The girl I have is a fan From Nasty girls They saw me as a real person, so I became even more fond of me as a person. And when I see my true self, that is, my true self, I cannot help but love them. “

Not only did Jonathan’s fans become more loyal, but by sharing his truth, he actually More There are many jobs. “I was cast on the first gay storyline Hallmark Channel, And paved the way, opening the door to more people with these types of films. You think you’ll never work again, but in reality they’re like, “Oh, you’re going to work, and you’re going to work more.”

And it’s not just Hollywood that Jonathan wants to be more inclusive. He and his fiancé James are determined to change the wedding industry for the LGBTQ + community.

“When Ring we designed I’m in Cover knot We are trying to get rid of the “otherness” of the LGBTQ + community. Not only Christmas movies and Hallmark movies, but also wedding magazines, jewelers and engagement rings. We chase the main players and get rid of their “otherness”. “

When James Suggested to Jonathan Last December he had a hard time finding the perfect ring. So he wanted to contact KAY Jewelers to create a custom design and eventually make it available to everyone in the LGBTQ + community. “It’s always been my plan,” said the 37-year-old TV host. Hollywood life“So when I was looking for a ring to propose, I contacted KAY for the first time. Jonathan I couldn’t find anything. “

“I found out that KAY is incredibly comprehensive and congratulates our community thanks to social media, because I’ve seen them post about something for years. And I decided to partner with that person to create something that goes beyond just the purpose. Jonathan And I, but it also exists in our community. And from the jump, I feel like I got their support, “he praised.

Beautiful engagement and wedding rings designed by James for Jonathan’s love are the inspiration behind the collaboration with KAY. The matte 14K white gold band features 1/2 carat round-cut diamonds that decorate the profile on one side of the ring.

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“Our Ring by Jaymes + Jonathan” will be available exclusively on Kay.com from June 2nd. [Courtesy Kay]

“This ring is your engagement ring, the diamonds are face up, and when you flip it over at the wedding, the wedding ring is facing out and the diamonds are facing you,” Jonathan explained. As we are planning our own path towards, we wanted to do what we could to open the door to the industry. Our overall goal in this regard is to change the industry and make it more comprehensive. Is to do. “

Now that Jonathan and James are engaged, they say Pride Month The hits are a little different. “That means I live with my fiancé as loudly and proudly as possible and give me a younger version of my expression of hope and love,” said Jonathan.

James tuned in to that feeling. “As we get older, we become more and more aware of how important pride is, because it’s about its visibility,” he shared. “This is to give hope to those who haven’t gone out yet, who haven’t found themselves yet, and who are probably out and have no hope.”

“It’s really hope, go out, live your life proudly and do it with pride. Pride is just a celebration, so celebrating who we are is so much It’s important, “he added.

So Hollywood life As previously reported, busy couples also run LGBTQ + travel agencies in addition to planning their wedding. Outbound travel..

“Our Ring by Jaymes & Jonathan” is now exclusively available on KAY.com.

Jonathan Bennett says “Mean Girls” fans supported his coming out – Hollywood Life

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