Jordan Nuñez sentenced to 21 years in prison – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-10-15 19:58:54 –

Nunez did not respond to the ruling.

In closing arguments on Friday, prosecutors said Nunez’s father, Thomas Ferguson, tortured and beaten his girlfriend’s son at his family’s southern home in 2017. Opportunity to call the police and stop it. Instead, he joined it.

However, the defense said Nunez did not report it because he was traumatized for fear of Ferguson. This was also abused by Ferguson as a child. The defense alleged that Ferguson used fear and intimidation to force Nunez to participate in the abuse of Jeremiah.

The abuse involved a violent beating – he threw a spear at him, shocked him with an electric collar, and locked him in a kennel.

Nunez apologized to Jeremiah’s family before the judge ruled. KOB 4 protected her identity by editing the name of Jeremiah’s sister.

“I want to start by apologizing to (Jeremiah’s sister) and other Jeremiah families,” Nunez said. “I sincerely apologize for not being able to call 911. This is one of my biggest mistakes and I have to live with him in my life. The Lord, I’m back and everything I know if I can change it .. “

Nunez was the last person to be sentenced to a horrific case. Ferguson died of apparent suicide in prison before his trial. Jeremiah’s mom, Tracy Ampena, has been serving for 12 years as part of a judicial transaction that did not report abuse.

District Attorney Mary Carmac-Altoweiss Statement on Jordan Nunez’s Decision:

“The torture and murder of Jeremiah was a tragedy. Children do not have to suffer like Jeremiah. Today, Jordan Nunez is blamed for these brutal acts that ended Jeremiah’s innocence. Judge Matthew Wilson, Santa Fe Security Officer’s Office, especially Detective Alderete, Detective Jeremiah, Detective Prentice, DA Staff Shari Vialpanda, Jordan Nuñez, Regional Attorney General Jennifer Padgett. Thanks to Mathias. “

Jordan Nuñez sentenced to 21 years in prison Source link Jordan Nuñez sentenced to 21 years in prison

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