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Dickson County, Tennessee (WKRN) — Joseph Daniels Visibly shaken as The verdict was read on Saturday afternoon.. They told News 2 from the beginning, and throughout the trial, that they did not believe that their son Joseph Daniels had killed Joe Clyde.Baby Joe.. “

When she left the courtroom, tears filled the eyes of Joseph Daniels’ mom. Both parents talked about News 2 and how hard this was because they lost their grandchildren and sons.

They were in court daily for a nine-day trial and all motion trials. They said they expected the verdicts to be different, but they weren’t too surprised at the results.

“It will be heard in the High Court,” said Daniels’ father, who passes by “Big Joe.”

The· Jury convicted Joseph Daniels of five chargesIncludes primary and secondary murders in the execution of felony, exacerbated child abuse, falsification of false reports, and falsification of evidence.

Public Defender Jake Rockert said Daniels wants to pursue an appeal and..

“I felt that many reversible errors had occurred through this trial, so he advised me to pursue an appeal. I will file a motion for a new trial and then pursue his complaint,” Lockert said. He explained.

So what happens to the Daniels family from here? Joseph’s mom plans to return to Arkansas, but his dad wants to retire and move to Florida with his wife.

The family has been threatened a lot over the last three years and was surprised to be quiet in court throughout the trial.

Joseph Daniels was sent back to Riverbend, where he demanded to go. He will be sentenced to life imprisonment on parole. His family said they were going to visit him on Sunday.

Daniels will be sentenced on September 14th for an additional fee.

Joseph Daniels’ family reacts to verdict in ‘Baby Joe’ murder trial Source link Joseph Daniels’ family reacts to verdict in ‘Baby Joe’ murder trial

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