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Charlotte, Tennessee (WTVF) — More than three years have passed since Joe Clyde Daniels disappeared from his home in Dickson County. The body of the five-year-old has not been found, but his father, Joseph Daniels, will be sentenced to death on Tuesday.

The hearing of the judgment is scheduled to begin at 1 pm. Joseph Daniels is expected to be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Earlier this summer, a jury convicted Daniels of several charges, including a life imprisonment double murder and a felony murder.

The decision was heard more than three years after Joe Clyde disappeared from his home. His body has never been found.

Daniels was initially charged with one planned murder, one felony murder, worsened child abuse, the start of false reports, and falsification of evidence.

He was convicted of all charges except one planned murder, but the jury defeated it and convicted him of two murders.

Except for successful appeals NewsChannel 5 legal analyst Nick Leonard says Daniels is likely to be sentenced to life imprisonment..

“Since a felony murder involves life imprisonment, the judge could impose life imprisonment that day and send it to the Correction Bureau to begin serving that sentence, but apparently he has it, 2 Convicted of a second murder … There is one sentence for both, as the second murder and the felony murder are essentially merged, which is life imprisonment, “said Leonardo.

Leonardo added that the judge was likely to be convicted and add time to the decision of his 31-year-old father. If so, that means “probably he will never be released unless his conviction is overturned by an appeal.”

This sets the stage for the prosecution of Crystal, Joe Clyde’s mother, who was charged with neglecting a deteriorating child. If convicted, it is a B felony, resulting in 8 to 12 years. But she will get out of jail much sooner.

* Nick Beres contributed to this report.

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