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Baltimore, Maryland 2022-05-12 21:16:37 –

Baltimore-based pharmacies and pharmacists have agreed to pay a $ 15,000 fine and comply with “corrective actions” in civil proceedings involving improper prescriptions despite warning signs.

According to a news release, the United States has signed a consent decree with Ketan K. Dunkara, Falls RX, and LLC, which operate as Ultracare Pharmacy Baltimore.

This means that the civil proceedings were resolved without the Dankara and the pharmacy pleading guilty. US District Judge Richard D. Bennett has approved the Consent Decree.

Forgetting the United States Attorney for Maryland Erek L. Barron and the Special Agent Jarod A. Washington Field Division’s Drug Enforcement Department, they announced a settlement on Thursday.

Dankara is alleged to have violated the Controlled Substances Act at the 4419 Fallsroad B pharmacy in Baltimore’s Hoesheit district by repeatedly filling out illegal prescriptions at least between May and September 2020.

The release states that an individual came to the pharmacy and tried to submit dozens of prescriptions for many, many of whom had never been to the pharmacy.

According to the release, at least dozens of these prescriptions were fraudulent and of the same drug, strength and quantity. They were also from the same prescriber, some prescribed to men by obstetricians and gynecologists.

These “danger signals” were supposed to act as “warning signs” that the prescription was fake, but according to the release, Dankara ignored them and failed the investigation. He was also alleged to have lied at least once about talking to the prescriber, but he later changed his story.

The government claims that Ultracare is responsible for these deficiencies. In addition to paying a $ 15,000 civil fine under the Consent Decree, Dankara and pharmacies need to identify certain warning signs.

This includes when the patient presents a prescription in the name of another person without good reason, and when the patient is biologically male and presents a prescription from an obstetrician or obstetrician / gynecologist. It will be.

Dankara and the pharmacy document in detail, among other provisions, signs of prescription abuse or misappropriation and the steps taken to ensure that the prescription was valid and issued for legitimate medical purposes. need to do it.

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The Drug Enforcement Department, according to the release, can order Dankara and the pharmacy to close immediately if it violates the terms of the Consent Decree.

According to Baron, pharmacists and pharmacies have important gatekeeping functions to prevent the diversion of controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act.

“Just as prescriptions cannot be used as blank checkbooks for prescriptions for regulated substances, CSA and its regulations have a corresponding responsibility for pharmacists to ensure the validity of the prescriptions they meet. It’s clear, “he said in the release.

Baron added that such incidents have fueled a drug addiction epidemic in Maryland.

“When pharmacists ignore the’danger signal’, their pharmacy contributes to the opioid epidemic,” Forget said. “We at DEA are working hard every day to investigate such behavior and keep the community safe.”

Anthony J. Mahajan, a lawyer at Dankara and Ultracare Pharmacy Baltimore, at Friar Levitt Law Offices in New Jersey, did not immediately return a request for comment.

Judge approves consent decree in case against Baltimore pharmacy – Baltimore Sun Source link Judge approves consent decree in case against Baltimore pharmacy – Baltimore Sun

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