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Florence, South Carolina 2021-10-19 12:17:44 –

Richland County, South Carolina (WCBD) -Alex Murdo appeared in bond court on Tuesday morning for pretending to be false and acquiring property.

This comes from Murdaugh’s alleged spending millions of dollars. Illegal death proceedings Gloria Satterfield, a housekeeper who died shortly after a fall at Murdaugh’s house in 2016, was involved.

No autopsy was performed, and the coroner stated that her death was inappropriately described as “natural” on her death certificate.

Murdo advised Satterfield’s sons to hire a family friend, lawyer Collie Fleming, to help them obtain an insurance settlement for their mother’s death.

Murdo has negotiated the above $ 4 million payment According to law enforcement agencies, the check was sent to his bank account.

The state law enforcement department, which was asked to investigate the problem, Later arrested Murdo at a treatment facility in Orlando, Florida.. He was handed over to South Carolina on charges of pretending to be false and acquiring property.

The lawyer demanded Judge Clifton Newman a $ 200,000 deposit and GPS surveillance for the allegations he is currently facing. They think he is in danger of flying and he hurt himself based on previous failed suicide attempts, opioid addiction treatment, and the tragic death of his wife and son during the summer. He claimed he was afraid that he could do it.

Murdaugh’s lawyer said clients have been facing opioid addiction for over a decade and “need more treatment.” They also demanded a PR bond in response to a $ 200,000 state request and a GPS tracking guarantee bond.

State Senator and lawyer Dick Harpootlian said Murdo “has nowhere else to go,” which his client was not at risk of flying. He said Murdo had offered to surrender to state law enforcement on suspicion, claiming that SLED did not accept the offer and instead arrested him.

Halptrian said the situation was presented differently.

Eric Brand, a lawyer who now represents Satterfield’s real estate, said Murdo was ashamed of the lawyer and “closed his eyes” in South Carolina.

Brand told the court that Murdo is not worthy of a bond and should be “trapped” so as not to hurt anyone else. Brand also claimed that Madau was financially active until last week.

Attorney Ronnie Richter demanded Judge Newman a $ 4.3 million deposit, consistent with a settlement for the missing death from the estate in Gloria Satterfield.

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Halptrian argued that Madau was not a lawyer in the Satterfield settlement, but rather a defendant. “He couldn’t manage his money,” he said, saying Corey Fleming, who represented Satterfield, should be responsible.

But a lawyer representing Satterfield’s real estate said it wasn’t exactly true. They said Madau used his position, his fame, and his reputation as a lawyer to steal from Satterfield’s family. “They trusted him because they knew his reputation as a lawyer. When he took him to Mr. Fleming, when they heard him and talked about the case, they told him. I believed. “

Before taking a short break, Judge Newman told the court that he would not consider the PR bond, but would decide whether to reject the bond altogether.

Murdaugh previously handed his passport to SLED at a bond hearing related to the failure of suicide attempt. In addition, his license to conduct legal affairs in South Carolina was suspended and he submitted his license.

Judge Newman eventually denied Alex Murdo’s bond. He will remain in the Richland County Detention Center, which has been in prison since last weekend.

Judge Newman is seeking a psychiatric assessment of Murdo. He said further consideration for granting bonds would be given after a psychiatric evaluation by court order.

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Judge denies bond for Alex Murdaugh in Satterfield settlement case, asks for psychiatric evaluation Source link Judge denies bond for Alex Murdaugh in Satterfield settlement case, asks for psychiatric evaluation

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