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Protesters inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement have been organized for months throughout Portland and Oregon (Portland Tribune file photo).

Portland, Oregon (Portland Tribune) — A $ 62 million fund that provides COVID-19 relief to Black Oregons is usually after a federal judge rejects a request for a temporary restraint order to suspend the distribution of dollars. It will be operated on the street.

Karin J, Federal Judge of Oregon. Immergut ruled on Friday, November 20, that Great Northern Resources did not show irreparable harm after the Oregon Care Foundation’s application for black relief and resilience was denied. did. The owner is Caucasian.

“As the federal government may further approve the funding of the coronavirus to the state, the harm is completely to the extent that plaintiffs claim that the harm is currently underway and may recur. It is too speculative to justify a preliminary injunction, “Imargut wrote.

This ruling means that the bailout fund is likely to run out of federal funds allocated by state legislators by the end of the year — long before the final resolution of the case is expected.

The proceedings were filed in late October on behalf of logging company President Tad Houpt, who helped hold a meeting for Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupiers, OPB reported in 2017.

The proceedings alleging that the COVID Fund violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment are funded by conservative legal strategist Edward Blum.

Coffee shop owner filed second proceeding
Maria Garcia is the owner of the downtown cafe Revolución Coffee House and is a 2018 candidate for the Multnomah County Commission. She is suing Oregon for a COVID Relief Fund reserved exclusively for Black Oregons (Portland Tribune file photo).

Also on Friday, a prominent Portland coffee shop owner launched a second known proceeding against the state’s COVID Relief Fund, which was reserved exclusively for Black Oregons.

Maria Garcia, owner of the downtown cafe Revolución Coffee House and a candidate for the Multnomah County Commission in 2018, violated civil rights law and suffered discriminatory damage after applying for a grant for Oregon CARES in August. I claimed to have received it, but did not receive a reply.

“Plaintiffs would have received the grant, except for the fact that they were eligible to receive the grant from the fund and its owner was Mexican-American,” the complaint on page 8 said.

Read the proceedings here.

Garcia’s cafe sells imported Mexican coffee, but the COVID-19 pandemic closed the restaurant for three months starting in March, and several workers were dismissed in each proceeding, resulting in dramatic profits. Faced with a loss. It temporarily reopened this summer, but hasn’t reopened since August.

On social media, Garcia wrote that she was the former president of the non-profit Don’t Shoot Portland and is supporting black businesses, but the government is in the Latin community, which makes up 13% of Oregon’s population. He said members should not be excluded. She said Don’t Shoot Portland was not involved in the proceedings and had no prior knowledge.

“This case is neither anti-black nor pro-Latino,” Garcia wrote. “This is not a battle over who deserves more or less, but for our elected officials that the state must be inclusive of all decisions and provide equal opportunities to access funds. Is a lesson. “

Her Facebook post had 46 comments, basically all negative.

Attorneys at the Center for Individual Rights represent Cocina Cultura LLC in this case. It is presided over by Judge Stacy F. Beckerman.

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Judge denies injunction for Black Oregonians relief fund Source link Judge denies injunction for Black Oregonians relief fund

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