Judge dismisses latest attempt by Trump campaign to suspend certification of Pennsylvania election results

A federal judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a Trump campaign proceeding on Saturday attempting to prevent proof of Pennsylvania’s election results. Judge Matthew Blanc of the U.S. District Court dismissed a case from Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Bookbar that a Republican Party was unconstitutionally disadvantaged because a particular county allowed voters to vote on ballots. I requested that you do.

The Trump Campaign Overview tried to rehash the claim that the campaign appeared to have been abandoned earlier this week.

A brief submitted on Saturday, sprinkled with misspellings including the governor’s name, claims that illegal votes were counted and voting watchers couldn’t access the ballots — last Sunday before Rudy Giuliani took charge. President’s claim that the Trump campaign has been cancelled Increasing legal challenges..

The president’s lawyer said that proving the 2020 presidential election would cause “irreparable harm” and that the “Governor of Pennsylvania” would refer to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf by December 8th. Wrote ready to appoint.Safe harbor“The deadline after the election.

According to federal law, states require six days for members of the Electoral College to meet directly to prove election results and determine electors. This is known as the “safe harbor” deadline. Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio has introduced a law to postpone this deadline from December 8th to January 1st, giving the state time to ensure that all statutory votes are counted. However, it is unlikely that this measure will be taken before the election day.

The Trump campaign also engages in a deliberate plan by Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Bookbar to count postal votes that do not comply with Pennsylvania law in order to favor Joseph Biden over President Donald J. Trump. I did. ” Giuliani infamously told Judge Matthew Blanc in central Pennsylvania last week that “this is not a fraudulent vote.”

Proceedings, Trump vs Bookbar, The U.S. District Court for the Central District of Pennsylvania has confirmed Boockvar’s election by claiming that the campaign has denied meaningful access to monitor and monitor the election process, so far without evidence. I’m trying to stop it.

The campaign estimates that more than 680,000 votes were processed in two Pennsylvania counties, Allegheny and Philadelphia, “when observations were not allowed.” An amended complaint from the Trump campaign filed on November 15 claimed different treatment of mail voters between different counties, but withdrew allegations that access to observation was denied.

Giuliani made an unfounded claim to the mail vote at a hearing on Tuesday, claiming that “this is part of it, a widespread national fraudulent vote.” Mark Alontic, who claimed on behalf of several county election commissions, accused Giuliani and called his claim “shameful.”

Mr. Trump’s attorney said in a court filing that the campaign was “to restore claims that were inadvertently removed from a modified complaint and add claims based on newly learned facts.” He stated that he intended to file an amended complaint.

CBS News predicted that Biden would be the winner in Pennsylvania on November 7, when he surpassed Trump by more than 34,000 votes. Twenty votes from the Pennsylvania Electoral College brought him to 273, more than 270 needed to win the election. Mr Biden is expected to win 306 electoral votes after several other states have been summoned.

Nicole Sganga and Melissa Quinn contributed to this report.

Judge dismisses latest attempt by Trump campaign to suspend certification of Pennsylvania election results

Source link Judge dismisses latest attempt by Trump campaign to suspend certification of Pennsylvania election results

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