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Judge expected to make critical decision in Barry Morphew case – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-09-17 00:45:16 –

Chaffee County, Colorado-A judge in Chaffee County decides on Friday whether a man accused of murdering his wife will be tried or detained and released from prison.

53 years old Barry Morph Faced with five felony charges, including a first-class murder for the death of his wife Sae Yamamoto. He is not currently detained in Chaffee County Jail.

Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze is a 49-year-old Sae Yamamoto Morph who was reported missing on Mother’s Day weekend in 2020. “

Both the defense and the prosecution have the opportunity to make closing arguments before Judge Patrick Murphy decides. Judge Murphy It is also expected to make a decision on whether to open the 130-page arrest affidavit. Morph will appear in court at 1:30 pm.

Review the previous story of FOX21 to catch up with all the details revealed in court:

Additional seats in anticipation of a large audience on Friday Chafy County Fairgrounds.. The court can only accommodate about 24 people.according to Judge’s orderMorph’s court appearance will only be livestreamed to relatives and Fairgrounds at 10165 County Road 120 in Poncha Springs.

Morph was arrested Nothing happened on May 5th. Morph hired two lawyers. Iris Eitan When Dru Nielsen.. They requested three deposits for the client, but they were rejected. Morph kept his innocence. Morphs face seven deadly sins.

Lauren Scharf of FOX21 is in court to keep you up to date. You can follow her Update here..

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Judge expected to make critical decision in Barry Morphew case Source link Judge expected to make critical decision in Barry Morphew case

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