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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2022-06-23 17:43:48 –

Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – The state failed to keep Jennifer Kristensen, a woman caught in a stolen car and running away from police, behind the bar. The prosecutor spent 10 minutes in a row, rattling the history of Kristensen.

she is Probably the best known since 2016 When she appeared with a man at AlbuquerqueFireRescue Fire Station 9, she tried to steal a firefighter’s private car and crashed into a police chief’s car to escape. After getting a plea in that cas for 6 months in prison timee, she’s back in jail.

She was caught twice more in the stolen car and once more escaped from the policeman in the stolen car.Most recently on June 9th, she Get caught in a stolen car near Downs..

The Presentence Report also gave Kristensen 6 out of 6 on a detention scale recommending that he be detained. Her lawyer claimed she was doing her best while Kristensen was trying to recover from her addiction.

Judge Britt Baca-Miller stood by Christensen and ordered her to participate in a drug treatment program in the hospital rather than staying in prison.

Prosecutors are currently trying to revoke her release conditions in the 2020 case due to her new arrest a few weeks ago. The judge ordered another hearing next week. The District Attorney’s Office said it was shocked by the judge’s decision that detention was not necessary in 16 exhibits and a presentation report recommending the detention of Kristensen.

They will be retried on June 28 when the new case is heard by another judge.

Judge grants release for Albuquerque repeat offender Source link Judge grants release for Albuquerque repeat offender

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