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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-09-22 19:38:00 –

Redwood City, California. >> Scott Peterson, who spent more than 15 years in a condemned cell that killed his pregnant wife and foetation in 2002, will be sentenced to life imprisonment this fall, the judge said Wednesday.

Judge Anne-Christine Massullo of the High Court said she would like to rule Peterson in November before deciding whether the jury’s alleged misconduct deserves a new trial. She set up a hearing on October 6th, setting a date that would resent him in a lifetime without the possibility of parole.

Last year, the California Supreme Court overturned Peterson’s death sentence after a jury who personally disagreed with the death penalty but was willing to impose the death penalty was improperly dismissed.

The prosecutor said he would not seek the death penalty if Peterson received a new trial.

The High Court found that there was considerable circumstantial evidence accusing him of one murder of Laci Peterson (27), who was eight months pregnant, and two murders of a boy they would name Connor.

Prosecutors said Peterson brought back his wife’s body from Modesto’s house on Christmas Eve in 2002 and abandoned her from his fishing boat to San Francisco Bay. In April 2003, the body of his wife and the fetus of a boy were washed ashore.

Peterson’s lawyer is seeking a new trial for allegations that the jury committed an illegal act by incorrectly answering a question during the selection process.

The lawyer said the woman who co-authored the book on the case eagerly sought to be a jury in the case and did not reveal that she was a victim of the crime.

A woman known as Juler 7 did not reveal that she had been beaten by her boyfriend during her 2001 pregnancy during a jury selection. She also did not reveal that she had obtained a detention order against her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend during another pregnancy. I was afraid that it would hurt her foetation.

The judge denied the jury’s testimony and defense demands against her for witnesses to these crimes, but said she could be cross-examined during the preliminary hearing.

However, the jury said he would not testify at the hearing unless he was granted an exemption from prosecution for possible perjury. If not, she will exercise her fifth amendment against her self-incrimination.

Judge plans to re-sentence Scott Peterson to life this fall Source link Judge plans to re-sentence Scott Peterson to life this fall

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