Judge tosses hospital workers’ vaccine requirement challenge – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-06-13 22:58:02 –

Houston (AP) — A federal judge has dismissed a proceeding filed by an employee of the Houston hospital system over the requirement to vaccinate all staff with COVID-19.

The Houston Methodist Hospital system suspended 178 employees unpaid last week because they refused to vaccinate. Of them, 117 tried to overturn the requirements, sued for their suspension and threatened their dismissal.

In a bitter ruling on Saturday, Judge Lynn Hughes of the U.S. District Court in Houston said plaintiff Jennifer Bridges’s allegation that vaccines are “experimental and dangerous” is false and otherwise irrelevant. I regarded it as. He also found that she likened the vaccination requirements to the Nazis’ compulsory medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners of war during the Holocaust.

Hughes also determined that making vaccination a condition of employment, as Bridges claimed, was not compulsory.

“Bridge is free to choose to accept or reject the COVID-19 vaccine. But if she refuses, she simply has to work somewhere else. Workers assign and office He may be properly dismissed if he refuses changes, early start times, or other instructions. All employment includes restrictions on the worker’s behavior in exchange for compensation. It’s all part of the bargain, “Hughes concludes.

Jared Woodfill, a Houston lawyer representing Bridges and other clients, has promised an appeal.

“All my clients continue to work to combat this unjust policy,” Woodfill said in a statement. “The shocking thing is that many of my clients were at the forefront of treating COVID-positive patients at the Texas Methodist Hospital during the pandemic. As a result, many of them became infected with COVID-19. To thank them for their service and sacrifice, the Methodist Hospital awards them a pink voucher and declares them bankrupt. “

Employees had a June 7 deadline to complete the vaccination.

In a memo on Tuesday, hospital system CEO Mark Boom said that 24,947 employees complied with vaccination requirements and 27 of the other 178 were vaccinated with the first two doses. He said he would not be fired if he was vaccinated. The second. The rest will be subject to termination.

He also wrote that 285 other employees received medical or religious exemptions and 332 were postponed during pregnancy or for other reasons.

Judge tosses hospital workers’ vaccine requirement challenge Source link Judge tosses hospital workers’ vaccine requirement challenge

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