Judges Hold First Meeting Since Roe’s Draft Opinion Leaked – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2022-05-12 21:42:12 –

Nine Supreme Court judges have met privately for the first time since the Roe v. Wade case was dismissed and a draft opinion was leaked that would significantly reduce the right to abortion in about half of the state.

By convention, no one was present except the judge, and the youngest of them, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, was responsible for taking notes.

The court said nothing about what was discussed at the judge’s private wooden panel meeting room meeting on Thursday, except to indicate that at least one decision would be announced on Monday. By convention, no one was present except the judge.

The abortion case is one of the 37 unsolved cases discussed in the fall, winter and spring. Judges usually make all decisions by early summer.

“I’m in court now, having a meeting this morning and working,” Arito said. Washington post.. “We’re talking about a new case. We’re heading to the end of our term. It’s always an enthusiastic time to get our opinion.”

Judge Samuel Alito, who wrote the leaked draft opinion, avoided at least one question about the mood of the High Court during a virtual question-and-answer session with students at George Mason University’s Antoninskaria Law School on Thursday. I did.

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