Judge’s Rules The United States cannot use public health law to expel immigrant families

Federal judge on Thursday in Biden administration Public health law At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was summoned to expel an immigrant family with children from the US-Mexico border.

Judge Emmet Sullivan of the District Court for the District of Columbia recognizes all immigrant families of the U.S. Border Guard as class members in a proceeding filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the government expels them under public health law. Forbidden to do. Title 42.

Sullivan suspended his orders for 14 days, giving the Biden administration a two-week grace period and restructuring the use of Title 42 authority, which was first invoked under former President Donald Trump in March 2020. ..

Last year, the ACLU persuaded Sullivan to ban the Trump administration from using the Title 42 policy to expel unaccompanied children with special protection under US law.

Like last year’s ruling, Sullivan wrote: Opinion on page 58 A 19th century public health law quoted by the government on Thursday does not allow the expulsion of migrants.

Sullivan writes that the expulsion of asylum seekers denies the “opportunity to seek humanitarian interests” stipulated in US law.

The Biden administration continued to use Title 42 authority to expel hundreds of thousands of migrants to Mexico, but unaccompanied children were exempt from policy. It has also expelled fewer families than the Trump administration, largely because Mexico is hesitant to accept young non-Mexican children.

In August, US authorities along the southern border expelled 16,200 parents and children traveling as a family under Title 42, according to government data. Approximately 80% of immigrant families detained at the US border last month were processed under immigration law and allowed to demand asylum.

During the first months of President Biden’s tenure, his administration relied on the Trump-era Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) order to justify the expulsion of the border. However, in early August, the CDC issued a new order that the expulsion should continue due to the threat of Delta variants and immigrant anxiety for the first time in 21 years.

“President Biden should have ended this cruel and lawless policy long ago, and the court was right to reject it today,” said Omar Jadwat, director of the ACLU Immigration Rights Project. I did.

Thursday’s ruling is the latest judicial setback to the Biden administration’s border policy, which has been criticized by both Republicans and progressive activists.

Federal Judge of Texas last month Ordered A government to revive the Trump-era policy of requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for the duration of their proceedings.Because it’s the Supreme Court Rejected To suspend the order, US border authorities have been working to revive a program known as “Stay in Mexico.”

Judge’s Rules The United States cannot use public health law to expel immigrant families

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