Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach

                                           Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is housed in the upmarket neighbourhood of the famous Mumbai city in Maharashtra, India. This beach is the longest beach of the coastal city of Mumbai. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in here. The area around the beach is home to several prominent Bollywood actors and actresses as well as television stars. This elements is one of the factors for increasing the tourist traffic in these areas.

What to do when at Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It is six kilometers in length and stretches up to Vervosa. The beach is not like any regular beach. It is lit with hustle and bustle throughout the day. Localities come here to enjoy with their friends and family and when can also find a good amount of tourists when on here. Weekends are crowded with people.

Juhu beach is famous for its street food. One can find shops lined up on the other side of the beach and to one’s surprise these food shops or stalls are crowded all the time. There are some food stalls that remain open even at night. So, a starry walk along the shore can be accompanied by some lip smacking food at the Juhu Beach.

This beach is the prime location in the city to carry out water sports. Evenings are full of energy when in here with youngsters playing volley ball and other sports.

Photography as we all know requires perfect lighting and this place has it all. One take some amazing pictures when in here. Both professional and amateur photographers flock in here to take some mind blowing pictures during sunrise and sunset in particular.

Juhu beach is a paradise for the people who are in search of a place to sit, chat and relax. This place gives you all and that too amidst nature. One can come here with their friends and family and enjoy the beautiful view ahead and talk one’s heart out. This is one of the reasons why Juhu Beach is crowded all the time. Weekends experience an additional influx of visitors who come here for various reasons.

Juhu Beach is famous as a prominent destination for morning and evening walks. People come here to jog and exercise too.  Evening strolls by the beach with the constant gentle breeze swaying one’s hair in different directions is a relaxing experience. Mornings on the other hand give away a very different vibe. The entire sky is lighted up with orange and red. Sunrise looks fantastic here. The sight of sunlight falling on the sea makes it glitter like diamonds. These moments are worth being savored. One, must visit Juhu Beach during sunrise.

Juhu beach has something or the other for people belonging to different age groups. One can find adults playing on one side of the beach while on the other side one can find little kids making sand castles or collecting seashells. The lively atmosphere of this place rejuvenates one.

Other tourist attractions in this place are horse pulled carriages, dancing monkeys, acrobats etc. which occupy tourist’s attention.

In addition to this a visit to Juhu Beach during the festival of Ganesh Chatturthi will be an altogether unique experience. The idols of Lord Ganesh as per tradition are immersed in the beach. Huge crowds gather to witness this holy proceeding.

A Tourist’s Guide

Juhu Beach is open to all. One can visit this beach at any time of the day. This long beach is sub divided into different portions and have been allotted different names namely Juhu Chowpatty, Tulip Star and Silver Beach. There are different approach routes them. If you planning to go to the Silver Beach then the nearest railway head from here will be Andheri Station. If you are planning to go to Tulip Star then the nearest railway station will be Vile Parle Station and for Juhu Chowpatty the nearest railway station is Santacruz station and also Vile Parle Station. One can easily find public transport facilities to reach this very beach. The nearest airport from Juhu Beach is Domestic Airport Mumbai which is at a distance of 5 km from here. The Juhu area of Mumbai houses several prominent hotel options. One can book a room both online and offline when in here.

When in Mumbai one must visit the Juhu Beach. Lately, there has been many issues related to pollution of the beach. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has taken some major steps for keeping the pollution of the beach in check. The overall experience of visiting this place will be a colourful experience.

Vaagisha Singh

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