Julia Roberts celebrates twins’ 17th birthday with a sweet tribute

To commemorate the birthdays of Julia Roberts’ twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, the “Pretty Woman” star celebrates “The Sweetest Year 17” with a rare retrospective photo of her children as newborns. rice field!

“The sweetest 17 years in my life” Julia Roberts She and she Danny ModerTwins, Hazelnut and Finneus Modeler, Celebrated 17th birthday. Julia, 54, included a string of 17 birthday cake emojis in the photo caption. This is a rare view of Fineus and Hazel as babies. The two children, born in 2004, looked absolutely adorable as newborns, and by sharing their love in the comments, several people attended the celebration.Julia’s niece (and New mother herself), Emma Roberts, I posted three heart emojis.

Danny, 52, also celebrated the twins’ birthday by sharing pictures of the children. his Instagram. “NSThese rattles …He captioned shots of Finneaus and Hazel in Wonder Woman-themed clothing (WW Parker Finneus, Hazel in a white Wonder Woman T-shirt) at breakfast. “Today is 17. Thank you for helping me through paternity.” Director Alex Richambach “This is insane, man. Happy birthday to these two adults!” Added professional surfer Laimana Van Bastler. I love my brother !! “

Julia and her husband had twins in 2004. 3 years later Their family has grown Add a son Henry Moder..Hazel recently turned his head when she joined her father at the premiere of his movie. National flag anniversary At the Cannes Film Festival.Hazel Image of spitting her mother During her red carpet debut, she walked on the red carpet in an off-white dress and black shoes. Hazel has left one acting achievement in her name, playing “Children of Cartwheels” in Julia’s 2016 film. Mother’s Day..She also showed a young interest in politics and joined Julia during the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, DC.

Julia Roberts and Children’s Hazel, Finmoder, Henry Daniell (Matt West / BPI / Shutterstock) after the 2016 Manchester United and West Ham United Premier League match

Julia looks back on her marriage during her 2018 appearance Goop podcast.. “I think it’s the first kind of real thing … ‘Earthquake shift“I met Danny,” she said. “I’m going to marry Danny. That was the first time. For example, my life will never be the same in the most incredibly indescribable way … he really, to this day, to date, me. I’m more interested in what he says and what he sees than anyone else. Really, we’re so lucky. We really really really like each other and each other’s company. I’m enjoying … [The] The best decision I’ve ever made was to connect the wagon to Danny Moder. “

Julia Roberts celebrates twins’ 17th birthday with a sweet tribute

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