Julianne Hough reacts to the backlash surrounding “activists”

Julianne Hough at the 27th amfAR Gala at the 74th Cannes Film Festival in 2021. Matt Baron / Shutterstock

Update 9/16/21 9:05 am ET.

In the backlash of the competitive style series, CBS announced: Activist It has been remade.

“”Activist Global Citizen and Live Nation, a CBS and producer partner, was designed in a statement Wednesday, September 15th to show a wide audience the passion, time and ingenuity that activists have devoted to changing the world. “But the format of the show announced has distracted us from the important work these incredible activists do every day in their community. Driving global change is in competition. It requires global effort. “

The statement continues as follows: “As a result, we’ve changed the format to remove the competitive elements and rethinked the concept into a Golden Time documentary special (broadcast date announced). With the tireless efforts of the six activists, Here’s the impact they’re advocating for what they deeply believe in. Each activist will be awarded a cash grant to the organization of their choice, as planned at the original show. . “

The original story below:

Listening and learning. Julianne Hough Raised a voice following the criticism of the surroundings Activist, The upcoming CBS reality competition series she will be a judge with Priyanka Chopra-Jonas When Usher..

The series, announced Thursday, September 9, “to bring about meaningful changes in one of the three urgent universal causes of health, education, and the environment,” is a team of three celebrities. Follow the 6 activists who have formed. But the news caused a huge backlash.

Five days later, a professional dancer, 33, made a long statement via Instagram, addressing the various feedback she saw.

“At the root of activism is the fight against capitalism and the trauma that causes so many people, and the show itself felt like a glorious capitalist effort, so you say there was hypocrisy in the show. heard” Dance with the stars Alum wrote on Tuesday, September 14th: And because of this, there is a sense of legitimate insult, dehumanization, insensitivity, and scarring. I do not claim to be an activist, and I sincerely agree that the judging aspects of the show have been unmarked and that I am not eligible to act as a judge. “

NS Safe shelter The star also responded to those who brought her 2013 photo with blackface makeup at a Halloween party. This is the case she previously apologized for.

“Based on my own white privileges and my own white prejudices that hurt people, wearing a blackface was a bad choice, and I regret what I did to this day.” Huff continued. “But what I regret living with is inferior to the living experience of many. My commitment was to reflect and take different actions. Completely But I hope that we have a better understanding that racism and white supremacy are harmful to all. “

In her statement, Kinsey’s founder explained that she attended the show and “is part of the highlights and focuses on sharing the work of activists on a larger platform.” The concerns I heard were “” on the network and in the studio.

“I am confident that the beautiful people I work with will make the right choices and do the right things to move forward.” Rock of Ages Written by the star. “Not just for the show, but for the greater benefit. I just don’t want to react, so listen, unleash, learn to fully present everything you share. I want to digest, understand, and respond in a way that is genuine and in line with the woman I am becoming. “

“There’s no reaction that makes everyone happy,” Huff said. “I’m still listening because this is a tedious and unpleasant conversation. Here’s everything.”

Producer Global Citizen issued a statement after the series’ pickups were hit by a backlash.

“”Activist Not only will we spotlight individuals who have made life a job to change the world for the better, but we will also spotlight incredible and often challenging tasks in the field of the community. ” The spokesman said. deadline September 9th. “This is not a reality show that downplays activism. On the contrary, our aim is to support activists everywhere, show their ingenuity and dedication to their work, and reach a wider audience. To amplify their purpose. “

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Julianne Hough reacts to the backlash surrounding “activists”

Source link Julianne Hough reacts to the backlash surrounding “activists”

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