Julie Chrisley shares what to and shouldn’t do with parenting: Video

Julie Chrisley I know best, especially when it comes to raising her child.

That’s why the 48-year-old reality star doesn’t give time to social media moms. “I don’t believe in talking to someone with three followers.” Chris Lee knows best Star explained recently We weekly Exclusively. “I usually don’t read a lot of comments because I don’t want to keep that in mind.”

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A South Carolina native said it would be a “lie” to say she had never been bothered. Parenting police, “Opinions of others [her] unrelated. “Chrisley said We, “I am who I am and what I am.”

Applause may definitely not be parenting for USA Network’s personality, but she all read her and Todd ChrisleyChildren’s text. She is also not afraid to let her loved ones know when they don’t like them.

“We are over-communicating with this family,” Julie said. We.. “Sometimes we’re probably overstated. I have friends and they are. I don’t express my opinion.” When she does, it “always” annoys her, Julie said. Admitted.

The· What to cook with Jurlique Lisley The star went on to say We She hasn’t objected to grounding her children for years. “We get rid of computers, gaming systems, screen time, etc.,” Julie explained. “Because that’s what they love. If you don’t take away what they love, it really won’t work.”

After a long day of parenting, she and Todd, 52, relax without a glass of wine. “People have asked us so many times,” Julie explained. We Of their decision. “Todd comes from a long line of people who couldn’t handle it, so when we got together and decided to have kids, we just decided, they might do it. Hmm, but it’s not in our house … it’s a personal decision we made. “

Watch the video above for Julie’s parenting tips and tricks, from a PDA with Todd in front of the kids to doing homework for the kids.

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Julie Chrisley shares what to and shouldn’t do with parenting: Video

Source link Julie Chrisley shares what to and shouldn’t do with parenting: Video

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