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Florence, South Carolina 2022-07-01 19:39:00 –

Horry County, South Carolina (WBTW) — July 1st marks the start of a new budget cycle for local governments. This was accompanied by some changes in the next fiscal year.

Property taxes will be increased on July 1st at Conway and Myrtle Beach. Conway increased its milling volume by 7%. This means a $ 200,000 homeowner’s property tax will increase by $ 40.

Myrtle Beach has raised property taxes on both residential and commercial real estate by 10 mils. This means that $ 200,000 homeowners will pay an additional $ 80 property tax each year.

The tax increase is “unavoidable,” said Michael Smith, a homeowner at Myrtle Beach.

“For many who have descended from the northern states, these property taxes are still very, very reasonable,” Smith said.

“As long as it definitely goes to the police and fire departments and we fund them properly, I’m fine,” Smith added.

The salaries of police officers at Myrtle Beach have risen by about 12%, and the base salary of police officers has increased by nearly $ 6,000 to nearly $ 48,000 each year. The increase in firefighters was small. According to the city, firefighters received a larger salary increase last year.

The average salary increase for about 1,000 city officials on July 1 was about 9%.

The Florence City Council voted for a 3% salary increase for employees, Conway increased the salary increase for qualified employees by 7%, and Holly County increased the salary increase for employees from 5% to 10%.

Johnny Vaught, a member of the Horry County Council, said salary increases are also a reward for loyalty throughout the pandemic.

“Staff, admins, and everyone was really working hard to ensure that the service wasn’t canceled,” Vaught said.

Vaught said local governments often compete for pools of the same workers.

“We felt we had to stay competitive, and we found that we had more money than we could afford to budget from growth,” Vaught said.

According to Vort, the county’s growth surplus that allowed the salary increase was about $ 17 million.

On July 1st, the parking meter fee for Myrtle Beach was also raised. It is the first time in seven years that the city has raised rates.

A family on vacation from Indianapolis, Indiana said higher rates are just one of many of the recently increasing costs. David Humphreys said higher rates wouldn’t keep him and his family away from the beach.

“It seems pretty easy,” Humphreys said. “More centrally located. Closer. We have it because we don’t have to worry about looking for a car. Because we are having a good time here. , That’s important to us. “

July 1 brings new budget cycle, higher property taxes and other changes Source link July 1 brings new budget cycle, higher property taxes and other changes

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