June 2021: Latest updates from the Department of Neighborhood Development – Boston, Massachusetts

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June is Pride Month, celebrating the achievements made by the LGBTQIA community around the world to recollect the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion and gain recognition and citizenship, and still highlight the necessary changes. June is also the month to recognize Juneteenth, the oldest national anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the United States. Since its inception in Galveston, Texas in 1865, celebrating June 19th as African-American Liberation Day has spread nationwide.

Both of these events are opportunities to recognize the work that still needs to be done to create a more equitable society for all. We build housing stability and wealth through home ownership of colored households and communities facing unfair access to housing due to gender, sexuality, immigrant status and other oppressive systems. We continue this work at DND to address the barriers to.

Construction of affordable housing

Blue Hill Avenue Bidder Conference
The request for proposal (RFP) for the first 10 parcels is Blue Hill Avenue Action Plan It was released on May 3rd.Target of this RFP Blue Hill Avenue B1 Parcels The first group of 30 parcels owned by the city will be provided.

At 2:00 pm on June 9, DND will hold a virtual information session for anyone interested in submitting a proposal.

DND, Boston Municipal Economic Development Authority (OED), Massachusetts Black Economic Council (BECMA), Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC), Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation (MHIC), Foundation for Business Equity (FBE) staff) Provides information on various topics.

  • Application and development process,
  • The basics of financing and financing options,
  • Opportunities for technical support and
  • Opportunities for networking and team building.

Here This is the Zoom registration link for the information session.

The RFP deadline is 4:00 pm on August 3rd. visit RFP page View the document.

Housing innovation competition

In partnership with the Boston Building Association, the Housing Innovation Lab has begun requesting ideas. In this project, participants can imagine a new housing model that can be built on a small site. This RFI is the first phase of this year’s Housing Innovation Competition and is a continuation of last year. Community conversation The role that Triple Decker played in shaping Boston’s neighborhood and how the new representation of this type of building will help the needs of current and future residents.

This public offering of ideas allows residents, designers, and anyone interested to share innovative ideas for housing that can be built on one or more pre-selected city-owned premises. These sites are located in Roxbury, Dochester, Mattapan and Hyde Park near the existing three-story building.

View RFIs, site maps and other information..

The deadline for submitting an RFI is 5 pm on July 2nd.

The end of the homeless

Landlord incentive program

The city Landlord incentive program To support landlords renting to Boston households getting out of the homeless. The city will provide landlords who sign up for this program with sign bonuses, holding fees, and a dedicated customer service provider as a way to mitigate potential risks.

The program also helps landlords sell their units to participating households quickly and easily. Tenants receive ongoing staffing support as needed. Landlords have direct access to customer service providers to resolve tenant issues. This program is part of the city’s major efforts to end Boston’s homeless and housing instability.

Landlord fairs will be held on June 22nd and June 28th. Participating landlords have access to the landlord incentive program. Sign up to receive more information..

Tenant support

Rental Relief Fund

If you or your acquaintance are at risk of eviction, apply to the Rental Relief Fund. To date, the fund has distributed more than $ 11.5 million to more than 2,400 households. The City of Boston wants to help you stay at home.Please visit Homepage of Rental Relief Fund Click here for details and application.

Supporting Homeowners and Home Buyers

Federal COVID Grants and Awards Overview

The DND was passed in March 2020, the Coronavirus Assistance, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”), the Consolidated Budget Act in December 2020, and the United States in March 2021. Rescue planning method (“ARP”).

Because it passed early in the COVID-19 pandemic Care method Is specifically targeted at the prevention, preparation and response of COVID-19. The law provided Boston with the following resources:

  • $ 28.5 Million Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Funding, reducing the spread of COVID in collective shelters, reducing shelter densities and helping non-residential individuals move from shelter to residence.
  • $ 20 Million Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funding for CDBG eligibility activities, including but not limited to support housing, vocational training, and the purchase of real estate to support SMEs. Initially committed primarily for rental bailouts, new, more flexible federal funding sources are being used for rental bailouts.
  • Offering $ 450,000 Housing Opportunities for AIDS Patients (HOPWA) Funding to support current home providers for AIDS patients with operating costs associated with the new coronavirus infection.

Is Consolidated financial statements method Donated $ 20.7 million to the Boston Rental Relief Fund.

Is American Rescue Plan (ARP) It is more flexible than the CARS Act financing because it helps to deal with both the direct impact of COVID-19 and the previous economic situation that was exacerbated by the pandemic. ARP offers Boston.

  • $ 30.1 million Rent subsidy;
  • $ 20.6 million HOME Investment Partnership Funds used for support housing.And
  • 480 emergency Residential voucher, To reduce the homeless.

DND is working hard to put this funding into operation and ensure a fair recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Construction start and completion

Our visit Architectural housing homepage See information about the project below.

Photo: Four Corners furnace, rendered by BPDA

Hearth at the four corners

In May, we celebrated the completion of Hearth at Four Corners, which offers 52 affordable one-bedroom units and two studio apartments for the elderly.

All residents of the new 48,867 sq ft building have access to onsite concierge and resident service coordinators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is also an on-site wellness service.

New housing development will serve individuals with varying incomes over the age of 62. It previously provided 8 units for homeless individuals, 11 units for mental health services customers, and 19 units for people with incomes of up to 30% of the total population. Average regional income or $ 26,850 for individuals, 18 credits for up to 50% of AMIs, $ 44,800 for individuals, 17 credits for up to 60% of AMIs, or $ 53,760 for individuals is.

31 Leroy Street and 632 West Park Street

We celebrated one AOP closure (two three-unit buildings) in May. We partnered with the Boston Neighborhood Community Land Trust to acquire real estate at 31 Leroy Street and 632 West Park Street in Dorchester to maintain long-term affordability. $ 750,000 in IDP funding was provided through the Acquisition Opportunity Program to support the purchase. Between the properties, there are four 60% units of the AMI and two 80% units of the AMI.

133 Sumner Street

133 Sumner Street, East Boston, was completed in May. This 30-unit condo project includes 14 income-restricted units made possible by the adjacent Clippership Wharf project.

In its own partnership with Boston Housing Corporation, Clippership is rebuilding 22 public housing rental units at Clippership Wharf Apartments to complete these condominiums as part of Clippership Wharf’s comprehensive development policy. ..

Job Information

Whether it’s helping residents facing evictions, helping first-time homebuyers, or developing new, affordable homes, all of DND is backed by technology. Our system empowers frontline staff, partner agencies, and voters and is based on a user-centered design spirit.

By hiring a dedicated product manager, we aim to expand our team and further strengthen our technical system. This role is responsible for monitoring, developing, and enhancing our core technologies. Competitive applicants are interested in user research, public participation, process improvement, and integration of the needs of diverse stakeholder groups.

Apply, Please complete the applicationApply until July 2nd.


Use to find affordable rental and homeownership opportunities in the Metro Boston area. MetrolistUse this to determine the type of home that suits you and search for a home based on your needs. Don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list to receive the latest home information.

June 2021: Latest updates from the Department of Neighborhood Development Source link June 2021: Latest updates from the Department of Neighborhood Development

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