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A British botanist departs with his brother to find the legendary Tree of Life in the Amazon jungle with the help of a cheeky boat skipper. Dan Jensen Share his thoughts on the latest Disney movies based on famous vehicles.

★★★ ☆☆

Jungle cruise Supervised by Jaume Collet Serra (((Orphan, Shallow) And a movie that depicts a comparison with other adventure movies such as the Indiana Jones series, Pirates of the Caribbean When mummy..It’s definitely inspired by all those franchises, but it doesn’t peak completely and may not be considered the same after 40 years. Raiders of the Lost Ark Is today.

I’m not saying that Jungle Cruise is a bad movie.Movie star based on Disney theme park rides (same veins as pirates) Emily Blunt As scientist Lily Houghton, her brother McGregor (Jack whitehall), In 1916, set out to find the healing tree of South America, the “Tears of the Moon.” Frank Wolf (with the help of a boat skipper) Dwayne Johnson), Their quest is Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons) With some supernatural conquerors with a history tied to trees.

Lost Amazon tribe, angry Italian businessman ( Paul Giamatti) And Jaguar’s buddy and you are packed quite a lot in the 2 hour space.

The highlight of the movie is how she was brought back to life by Lily’s character and Emily Blunt. This is a woman who goes against all the rules that society expects from her, is not afraid to speak her heart, and in most cases is completely fearless. Brant’s performance was warm and entertaining, with some quirks thrown in to make Lily a memorable character, and she was great in every scene.

The other star performers in this movie weren’t showing up on the screen-composer James Newton Howard.. The film’s scores are extraordinary, exciting in the action scene and inspiring as needed. There is also a stunning acoustic “reimagination” of the song “Nothing Else Matters” used in the flashback scene. Metallica It fits surprisingly well with yourself and the scenes set in the 1500s.

Jungle Cruise is also a great movie. The jungle scene was shot primarily in Hawaii and always looks gorgeous on the camera, but it also benefits from good production design, especially in the London scene where the city is crowded with cars and fashion in the early 20th century. I have received it.

On the contrary, the movie can feel like watching a hyperactive child rampage in a room full of toys. Action scenes in particular move at a dizzying pace, sometimes with ridiculous boundaries. This may seem to be due to a children’s movie, but parents should be careful not to let their children see it because of the M rating, on-screen murders, and some supernatural horrors. ..

Emily Blunt was fun to watch, but Dwayne Johnson felt a bit miscast in the role of Frank. This is a comedy character who enjoys making people terribly puns and puns, but also hides a secret past that makes him a little uncomfortable. The character’s tone shifted to adapt to whatever scene he was in and felt a bit inconsistent.

The same is true for Joachim’s personality. Jesse Plemons used to excel in the following ways: breaking bad When Game Night, Here you get a slightly confusing performance. His personality is too ridiculous to intimidate, but too sneaky to be completely entertaining. He just seems to be there as an adversary because the story needed it.

Aside from the characters, some of the film’s conversations seemed out of place (the phrase “decided like crazy” didn’t really suit the times), and the special effects were mixed bags. In most cases everything seemed believable, but Frank’s pet jaguar Proxima looked unfinished. Fortunately, he was a pretty well-written character, so in the end substandard CGI was allowed.

Jungle Cruise is a fun time in the movies, but you can’t expect a sequel or the entire franchise. It’s a disposable pastime. It’s well worth checking if you’re a fan of adventure movies, but it’s unlikely to be welcomed as a classic in 40 years.

Jungle Cruise will be held today at movie theaters nationwide and will be available at Disney Plus Premier Access on July 30th.

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