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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-10-25 15:45:36 –

Nathan Jurowski, Executive Director of Building Advantage, has announced plans to resign and open a private business. Building Advantage will soon begin searching for successors.

Nathan Yurovsky will resign from Building Advantage, an advocate of union construction, at the end of November after leading the organization for two years.

Yurovsky has taken over as Executive Director of Building Advantage. November 2019 After working as a general counselor for four years at a related general contractor at Greater Mill Walkie. Attorney Yurovsky will leave Building Advantage at the end of November and begin his own private practice in South Milwaukee, dealing with labor and employment law.

Yurovsky said on Monday that he had decided to resign after recognizing that the law remained his vocation.

“That’s really where my heart is,” he said. “I realized that it was time to return to legal profession for the past six to nine months, and in some cases twelve months.”

A board of directors consisting of six workers and six management teams will lead the search for new executive directors. Yurovsky said the next director would ideally be someone who is “connected and ready to connect.” Candidates can come from a variety of professions, from trade to local government to project development.

“It may be someone who is familiar with real estate, development, and financing to close transactions,” Yurovsky said. “And they can learn the construction side.” So it can be done in different ways. “

Building Advantage represents more than 600 contractors and 20,000 merchants in southeastern Wisconsin and generally promotes the benefits of union building. Yurovsky has joined Building Advantage after a year of research, replacing former Executive Director Ken Kramer. Was at the top of the group 10 years. The organization was founded by the Construction Labor Management Council in southeastern Wisconsin and is supported by various trade unions and management associations.

– Dan Shaw of The Daily Reporter contributed to this report

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